Stop the presses – a civilized Hollywood Divorce!

John J. Nazarian
April 12, 2011

After a very long vacation from the Stanley Mosk, I returned to my favorite stomping grounds and who do I run into but a face and a name from the past! Jackie Earl Haley, the kid star from a million years ago, he was born in 1961 but why does it seem like, “Years.” Simple he as been around since a cute little kid with shaggy hair and blue eyes…cute is gone but still a great actor and from were I was standing he seemed like a real nice guy. Soft spoken and very low key, he has a real sense of calm about him as does his former love of his life, it is all very calm. You see, it is possible to be reasonable.

Mr. Haley was there with his attorney, Terry Levich Ross, of the firm Silberberg & Ross, this is a lawyer. There is something that is very likable about her, she is firm and keeps a stern look most of the time. Try talking to her and you will find a softer underside…hmm, a little like myself. Don’t get me wrong, she will tell you from the jump to go
F*&K yourself and won’t skip a beat doing it (her partner Fred is another story for another time, LMAO….should we say a little intense?). You won’t find Miss Ross showing up with an entourage to work her cases in court, she is one tough cookie and holds her own…This issue of showing up with the firm’s entourage is a billing game, you do realize someone is going to be paying for the one doing the talking and the three on their blackberries. You won’t see Mr. Koenig or Miss Ross pulling this stunt, two competent lawyers who are going to be standing on their own.

On the other side representing Windy OReilly, Mr. Haleys ex, is none other than Attorney Joseph P. Koenig, with one of the premier firms in the city, Trope and Trope. Joseph always has an air of confidence and for a good reason, he too is relentless and to watch Miss Ross and Mr. Koenig was a little like watching two cobras. Koenig has a friendly air about him but don’t assume you are going to step on him, he too has a great command of the English language. The feeling is that neither trust the other (lawyers), that is perfect for the world of divorce…no one can trust anyone! Mr. Koenig too is on his own and is watching and waiting as is Miss. Ross. Watching and waiting for what you ask, well Mr. Haley and Ms. OReilly are sitting and talking and the two are so at peace that I am convinced that they could repeat their vows. The two spoke for what seemed like hours and never once raised their voices. It was refreshing, two reasonable people talking over very personal issues and two highly competent lawyers watching and waiting…in the end, “Hugs, kisses and pats on the back. ” I had to step back and assure myself that I was on the 8th floor at the Stanley Mosk and that this is DIVORCE court.

We should all wish, Mr. Haley and Ms. OReilly all the best and they should both be grateful that they had two of the best lawyers in So. Cal. keeping it all together.

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