Mandalay Bay VIP? Not Very!

John J. Nazarian
April 3, 2011

VIP? Bullshit, if you visit the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas I need to warn you, it may not be what you think. Especially if they ask you to check into “VIP.”

On April 1 I decided to go to one of my favorite places in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. For a long time I had visited Mandalay Bay going back to the early days with my “pal” Oscar De La Hoya. Over four of five years I always had a great room set up, 2 big bedrooms at both ends of a nice suite and a living room/dining room in the middle. My good friend back in those days took great care of me, Joanne Barnes, she is now retired. Bill Hornbuckle has moved to the Bellagio. It was nice then, we played and had a cabana at the pool it was what you would expect…NOT ANYMORE!

This time I called and spoke to Flavia Ernest, she is the assistant to Bill Monson, VP of the place. This guy Monson is no Hornbuckle but still you would think that someone from his office would carry a little weight, not at the Mandalay Bay. She tells me that I have not been here for almost 6 years (after this experience it maybe another six years). Harrahs in Las Vegas treated us pretty nice and I thought it would be fun to go back in time, and hang out at the Mandalay Bay…OMG, BIG MISTAKE! Flavia tells me that she will take care of me and to report to VIP check in when I arrive, good I thought. When we arrive we go to VIP and are greeted with a young lady who looked as concerned about my satisfaction and happiness as one of the Ethiopian cab drivers huddled out in front of the hotel. This one could care less, the clerk checking me out at Ralphs gave my eggs more attention than did Miss Thing in VIP.

Well we go to the “VIP” room and it is the smallest room I have been in since staying in that little castle outside of Rome last summer. The one I called the “tomb,” it was very quiet and very small. I call the “VIP” desk and get a nice young man, Juan Gatti, he listens and understands that I am unhappy and places me on hold. Juan is trying to make a guest happy and comfortable, he asks if we could use a fold away if he can find a bigger room? Well I can’t, but one of the boys can I guess. After a short while here comes Mr. Shit for Brains, Brett Jones, Stupidvisor. He asks, “is everything ok?”, “is the water working?”, is my mother’s picture on the nightstand next to your bed? Then he tells me the entire hotel is booked and there are no rooms available.” When I asked for his name he gave it to me as to say “who cares.” Brett I hope you think of me every time you Google your miserable name. Little did he know that I would be making him a star. Everyone should know what a miserable F*&K this guy in VIP is and what a great job he is doing in helping “guests” leave the casino/hotel and go someplace else. This is why, folks, all is well in Las Vegas, no rooms and high prices and Brett Jones showing guys with lines of credit the door! If this moron is a “stupidvisor” all I have to tell you America is that all is well in Las Vegas and they don’t give a shit if you are happy or sad, just leave your money at the desk! Thanks for nothing BRETT JONES, I predict that after this story your bosses may smile at you but will wonder how many “guests” did you piss off today.

Funny PTI, I told we would leave and not come back, his response that’s fine. Funny PTII, I have a line of credit at this hotel and still got “yellow carpet” service. You know, stand here and someone will piss on you.

In the course of preparing to leave I return to the VIP check-in and the wretch who checked us in was at the “oh well” stage when I asked what is the difference between Mandalay Bay VIP and the rest of the cattle, I mean guests waiting in line to get their “special” rooms. I tell her to find me another room in one of this groups other properties.
That is when I meet Mr. Mike Hejazi, he too is a supervisor but a problem-solver not a miserable “go ahead and leave” kind of guy. He even tells us, I want you to stay at this property. Mike makes a few phone calls and had us moved to THEhotel, this was at one time one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. I stayed at THEhotel in the early days and it was nice, all suites, so I thought that is a good idea and we moved over to their tower. Arriving at THEhotel we go to a VIP check-in again and this time we are greeted by a young lady, Deanna. Deanna looks like she likes her job and has everything ready in a few minutes, her laugh and her pleasant demeanor made myself and the boys feel comfortable. Here is a thought, Brett Jones if ever you get canned here why not try the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, lots of “hotels” that could use your special talents. Bottom line is this folks, I got hustled by this hotel when I contacted the VPs office. How? They knew they were going to give me a standard room for top dollar and I guess they really did not remember me. All my old friends are gone and this new batch are not nice…except for Mr. Mike Hejazi and Deanna at VIP check-in at THEhotel. advice: avoid this place at all cost, if they will screw with a guest like me, can you imagine what they will try to pull on you! Having a line of credit here did nothing to help me get treated right.

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