Pellicano Trial: Things are getting “whacky”!

John J. Nazarian
April 2, 2008

10:10 AM Tuesday, here comes another fool with a pocket full of money…it was asked of this clown if it was all his! Hmmmm, we will see. Adam D. Sender is from New York and is a hedge fund manager and has control of a reported 100 million dollars…YES! This kid is smart on one level and a fool on another, more money than common sense. Oh, he is smart…Hell he has found people and banks to give him a great sum of money to invest, and go figure?

Aaron Russo, potential whackeeAdam is a little on the short side and has long shoulder length hair and a good solid voice. Sometime in 1999 he gives Aaron Russo $1,000,000 and $100,000 to invest in “the entertainment industry.” The name was to be “MAX & SAM,” the names of Russo’s kids! LMAO. Perhaps Sender should have just given it to the kids directly, it would have hurt less! Well. you have already guessed it, Russo doesn’t invest wisely and pretty soon Adam the boy genius is out his money and cannot seem to find Russo…remember what I said several times already about fools and there money being separated, well here it is again! This is funny in a sick way — the $100,000 was for Russo to develop a “Holistic Drug” line…Russo recently died of cancer…was it stress or the holistic drug line?

When asked about the wise investment research that Adam Sender had done with Russo, he states that the investment was all lost! So much for his sound financial acumen. So Mr. Sender does what any kid would do who got hammered to the tune of $1,100,000…he finds a good lawyer and sues! He hires a lawyer by the name of Larry Jacobson, Esq. who does things as a good lawyer does and files the suit. Good, right? Wrong, not only can Adam D. Sender not find his million plus, he cannot find Russo! Excuse me, if given a small fraction of this, I would be able to hang my Armenian nose out a window and find this SOB!

So someone tells “Richie Rich” to go to see Bert Fields and he does. Well, at least once he does and Mr. Fields tells him in turn to go see Anthony Pellicano. Sender tells the court that Bert tells him that Anthony Pellicano has “unorthodox methods but gets the job done” (Sender’s words). Then as is often the case, you get to see Mr. Big but then you get one of the billing people in the firm: Mr. Sender gets kicked down to David Moriarty at Greenberg Glusker.

Well, not to put all to sleep. Sender meets with Pellicano and gives him the $25,000 fee and sits back and waits! Sender is sending FedEx packages with $5000 each, he does this 5 times…$ 25,000 mas! Sender tells the court that Pellicano played him tapes over the phone 10-15 times. We get to hear Pellicano working Sender as we have all heard many times in the past. “Cocksucker” here, “Fuck him” there and on and on — it is the Pellicano shuffle…now that is a dance! You know, you pack your drawers with tons of cash and go out and dance the Pellicano Shuffle and when you are finished you are hot, wet, and have nothing more than memories of Special Agent Ornelas knocking at your door and wanting to discuss “IMMUNITY” with you! And don’t bother trying to close the door, Ornelas will knock it off the hinges! Spend all that money only to get visitited by the FBI…You go Anthony P! Look at this:

Not sure of date $100,000.00
12.10.01 25,000.00
10.03.01 25,000.00
11.02.01 25,000.00
12.05.01 25,000.00
01.11.02 100,000.00
08.02.02 25,000.00

This is as accurate as I could write as it come up. In the end “money bags” pays Pellicano more than $500,000 and Bert Field’s law firm $300,000…let me help you, $800,000 to try and collect $1,100,000…and in the end he collected $25,000 from Mr. Russo! No wonder hedge funds are in trouble if they are run by financial geniuses like this guy.

Somehow it is mentioned that Anthony Pellicano considers Robert Shapiro his enemy! Funny when you think of the fees Phil Specter paid Shapiro…I think that Pellicano is just plain jealous!

Psychic I am not, just a guy who knows the games and the bullshit of the rich and powerful and the crap people with no money can give you, in the end it is all the same. Stupid will never be a shingle that is hung outside my door, believe me! I mentioned the other night I reported that we had heard so much and nothing about “murder,” just “skeletons in the closet.” Pellicano meets Aaron D. Sender at his home and Sender tells the court that Pellicano told him, “If I wanted to, I could authorize him (Pellicano) to have him (Mr. Russo) murdered on his way back from from Las Vegas…drive him off the road and bury him in the desert.” It would appear that Mr. Sender’s recollection was not sitting well with the Pelican, Anthony Pellicano gets up to cross his former cash cow and states, “Mr. Pellicano didn’t actually murder Mr. Russo, he merely offered to murder him?” Pellicano also clarified that he had actually used the word “whack” him, this was to make a point that at that point it would be cheaper to just kill him…well there it is, the offer, MURDER! All of this in front of the jury, The Pelican doesn’t care! And the Wannabe Sicilian wants to make sure we know he got the lingo right, like he’s learned something from watching The Sopranos and The Godfather.

I love blond women, but we have all heard of the “blond jokes” and comments…today I think that I may have seen it first hand. Lisa Gores is the former wife of Alex Gores, one of the richest men in America. For some reason she divorced daddy big bucks and gets caught doing the nasty with his brother Tom. Oh, the holidays had to be special in this family, heh! Lisa Gores tells the court that her marriage “was over”…no shit, I was wondering if that was before or after she decided to do the deed with her husband’s brother! And there it was, Arneson’s handiwork, and the voices of her and her brother-in-law, all caught on tape. And Pellicano at some point endears himself and meets with her, and she begs him to destroy the tapes…LOL, this is sooo sad! Good Old Anthony, the king of many things, but the his technique of playing all sides for the middle is a book I would read…Anthony when will the book be out, and under whose name?! Lisa tells the court that she and Tom Gores had met at the Beverly Hills Hotel , “to get our ducks in order”…you could have done that at Denny’s….Nah you are right it is better at a “bungalow.”

Lisa starts to cry at being humiliated again, but cute, pretty rich girls cry differently than other girls. And the Pelican just turns away and shakes his head, I am sure in disgust! But it was cute! The government gave her a break and fit her in today so as not to screw up her plans for leaving for Europe in the morning…oh, to be RICH! I dont know, none of this is important…she went from being married to money to having her own money…well, sorta…and she does not have to wake up next to either brother any more! God Bless America!

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