Anthony’s Ward: Another Pretty Pellicano Protege

John J. Nazarian
April 3, 2008

Well what is a girl to do? You have a husband who is one of the richest men in the U.S., and he has a brother who is also very rich! Decisions, Decision,s Decisions…good, we meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel to get our ducks in order and no one will know the better! Right? Wrong!!!

We started the morning out listening to a phone tap done by none other the wizard, Mr. Pellicano himself (exhibit 44). Several tapes have been played over the last few weeks, and some you wished would go on and on! This one was just plain silly, Lisa Gores is telling bro-in-law Tommy not to worry and all will be ok, and then they both are curious who it is that is following them and it is back to “don’t worry, be happy,” no one could see into the room, and on and on it went, these too love birds trying to figure out if they were safe from being discovered! Too bad kids, you are all on tape and the two of them trying to convince themselves was insult on top of injury! I am laughing, and Pellicano looks at me and he too is laughing…this is funny stuff! He bagged the two of them with his unorthodox methods. Plus to see Little Missy, she is still very cute and I am sure very rich! And she should not worry, everyone has heard the tape!

Well, we have had an assortment of witnesses come and go, and the governator’s haircutter showed up for what seemed like 10 seconds and then we had some poor SOB who showed up and in minutes was shown to be a felon and a liar and a terrible witness…what was on the government’s mind to bring this one in?

Pelican and ProtegeHowever, things are about to get better…it is 10:45 AM and my assistant has brought me my cappuccino, and here comes Denise Harvey Ward, aka the photographer of “phone boxes.” She had worked for Pellicano from Sept. 2000 to about the summer of 2002 and was the field operative for the service. She would give Anthony the “Lay of the Land” (which sounds like a job description for Tarita!).

Ms. Ward tells all of us that she was with the L.A.P.D. for almost 7 years, and while working as a police officer she had an auto accident…from her verbal skills it would seem that she may have struck her head very, very hard (she is a very attractive woman, however). Love the Pelican, no ugly chicks in or around his office! As she spoke she was acting like a blond — this was puzzling as her roots told me different. So either she is dumb or a great actor, I say the latter!

She told of Anthony asking her to rent an apartment in reference to the Bodine matter. When asked whether Anthony shared any information with her on cases, it would appear that he did not, and would tell her just what she needed to know and no more. She stated that “the longer I worked a case I got the highlights…this might be something she may want to share with a colorist when she returns to Nashville. Pretty girl!

On the Aaron Russo matter, it was very obvious that as a P.I. and a former cop that she should have known how to serve papers — after you hand it to the subject or after you throw it at them, that is a good service! Not the day that Tarita and Ms. Ward did it, no they chased this poor guy all over Beverly Hills doing it over and over again! I cannot help but to think that Anthony was having fun tormenting this guy (this is the one that took the $1,100,000 from “sugar boy” Adam Sender). I guess that when someone pays you $25,000 to serve papers why not have a few laughs! She told the court that finally when they had cornered the Entertainment Mogul, Pellicano walked up and threw them at him and stated, “you been served motherfucker!” Oh Anthony, you are sooooo cool!

Ms. Ward told the court that she was let go from the LAPD for allegedly pulling shenanigans while off of the job after the accident, and for making a sexual harassment beef against Dennis Zine and then poof she was dismissed…after a little prodding from Chad Hummel she admitted that she was FIRED! Pretty girl!

She had an interesting story about a husband and wife dental team from Beverly Hills who liked to “Swing” — no not the dance style of the 50s but to swing! Pick up strangers and allow him or her to poke your partner and then slip into a hot tub and just hang out! Well, it would appear that the two “drillers” go out to some gay bar and pick up three girls, and one decides to take a “header” out the balcony of the 12th floor and plants herself street level…DEAD! This was a good story and a little funny as the usual was done — Mark Arneson ran the histories of all the witnesses and again, doing as the Pelican wanted, that is the Sarge…money money money!

Anthony in his hoodShe spoke of having dinner at Anthonys condo on Doheny and being his friend, and that at dinner there would be a guy by the name of Richard DeSabatino and the nice time they had together. And she also stated that she was sad that Anthony was in the pickle that he is in (my words)!

When Anthony came up to cross it was very sweet, “good morning, Ms. Harvey”…”good morning, Anthony.” It was sultry, and very friendly…I almost thought we were going to see an adult movie! The little blond hustler told the court she made a lot of money working for the Pelican, $50.00 per hour and she was hustling! I made lots of money with him! She was the one who gave Anthony thelay of the land on Anita Busch and it showed on her time sheets that she was watching her. Again, sad for Anita! One funny thing that she said spontaneously was that Arneson was arrogant and not smart enough to cover his tracks. Hmm, maybe he should have moved to Nashville!

Next to waddle into the court room was Ms. Michele G. Malkin — girlfriend looks like she could put a hole in a buffet, if you know what I mean. She was with the SBC for over 20 years and was given the choice get fired or retire, and took what she described as a forced retirement. That was April 1, 2001! Good for her, would hate to see her on food stamps (the economy is weak enough)! She had violated code SI24, she was not sure what that was…hell who cares, she got retired!

This is great news for all of you who are suing Happy Ray, he would tell Michele that he needed the “cables and pairs” to check on people moving into his rental properties. Now you can go find what he did to hide those assets…LMAO! She knew Ray Turner for more than 19 years and pinned the tail right in the middle of his eyes for all the jury to hear! OUCH! She was very pointed and said that she had done this for Ray many times. But here comes the best part: when asked why? I like Ray. And when asked if he paid her? Never paid. Shit, Happy Ray is also Cheap Ray! Ray! How do you feel?

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