Pellicano Trial: “Oh, Danny Boy”

John J. Nazarian
April 4, 2008

Flapping PelicanThe first time I heard this side-buster’s voice I knew that we were not going to play well together! Hands down this was my street sense as a former cop taking over. Today was a Danny Davis/Anthony Pellicano extravaganza, it was beyond believable the relationship these two had! George Shehta Kalta made a BIG mistake in hiring Anthony Pellicano sometime in 2001, mistake I say as he was forced to plead guilty to “Conspiracy to Wiretap,” several years later! I lost count on how many of Mr. Pellicanos clients went down on Federal Indictments! And he, like many others, made a deal with the government called “Cooperation with the U.S. Government” in the course of coming to court and telling the truth in hopes of getting a deal at sentencing. This is sad folks, these people thought this guy would be the solution to their problems, and got so much more! And again, many did not! MANY WALKED AWAY TOTALLY UNSCATHED (Mr. Kalter never heard a tape and never saw any transcripts of wiretaps, and Pellicano stated that he never wiretapped the target…or was it that George was not going to pay anymore. As others did under similar circumstances)! Don’t act or look desperate in front of the Pelican!!

When asked why it was that he hired Pellicano, Mr. Kalta stated that, “he could listen in to phone conversations.” Doesn’t get any more honest than that! And of course there was the $25,000 nonrefundable deposit! The government played tapes of Anthony Pellicano and Mr. Kalta speaking on the phone and again, like so many others, he had no idea that the Pelican was recording him! Pellicano was retained on 10.17.01 and Mr. Kalta was being run through the L.A.P.D. data banks for his history both criminal and DMV (Pellicano can be heard get my bitch aka Da Sarge). At some point he starts with one lawyer and ends up with none other than Danny Davis, Esquire, my old friend — NOT!

Note: this shithead Davis tells a potential new client (just the other day) that I am very expensive, and in just two weeks HE bills her a ton of money on her sons case and they have not even gone to a prelim yet! Yo! Genius! I am much cheaper than your buddy Anthony Pellicano was, and my clients aren’t indicted! I don’t know how Danny Davis has managed to keep his name out of this, but he has and that is a miracle…that was until today! Mr. Davis should have a great deal more press in the next several days. Such a small world!

Well, at some point Pellicano has made Mr. Kalta those famous promises and at one point speaks about having a $200,000 war chest! Kalta does not like the way this is sounding, and at some point without Pellicanos permission dumps Danny Davis, Esquire and goes to a real defense attorney that we all know and many love, none other than Leslie Abramson, a true legend! This is what I call an attorney. When Pellicano hears this he is “going nuts” and calls her names and it is all on tape, and guess who is sitting in court today as her client testifies — Ms. Leslie Abramson, Esq. Listening as the Pelican flaps and moans about not liking her! Taping is a wonderful thing, is it not?Pellicano is ranting, this is not a lawyer I can trust! Ms. Abramson tells me that if she ever heard of wiretapping it would be Hellosey to the local cops! This is one no nonsense lawyer, she is tough and I love her vocabulary — we could have been separated at birth! TOUGH! She told me that she was retired, however watching her in court objecting from the audience shows that she may be retired but she will never be forgotten!

“This is not a lawyer I can trust! You have to wonder, is it because this is one lawyer that would not tolerate wiretaps? This is a lawyer that would call the cops? And what does it take to be a lawyer that is trusted by Mr. Pellicano? Hmmmmm. At one point, when Mr. Kalta is getting upset about spending almost 80 grand and still has not heard a tape of the girl who is accusing him of an unsettling crime, Pellicano chimes in, I love you — you know like a Sicilian Pelican, smack! Mr. Kalta is getting the Pellicano treatment with both barrels, and this guy is desperate but he is not stupid. Pellicano made promises to him about his contacts in the phone company and that he knows people.” Mr. Kalta had hopes of clearing his name and getting the goods on this girl that had accused him! However, it is obvious that the “numbers” are not high enough for that to happen, and now he finds that his “buddy” Danny Davis is gone and is replaced with “a lawyer he cannot trust,” LMAO! I am sitting in court waiting for a chorus of “Danny Boy” to bust loose from in back of where the judge is sitting!

Pellicano goes into this name game, you know he drops them left and right. Danny and I, Re and I I believe that is the same Don Re, who was representing the Pelican at one point. This is a great quote, right from the recording of Pellicano and it is coming out of his mouth! Danny Davis I can control! When George catches his wind again, Pellicano goes on to say, with a lawyer I can work with George! Now I know that I cannot work with certain lawyers and I too don’t care if they know it or not — I feel a little like Pellicano that I choose the lawyer, they don’t choose me!

Simple, right…but what “issues” must one of Pellicanos lawyers have to be comfortable with? Hold on, someone is TAPPING on my window! LMAO Please, this is becoming very obvious to all of us who have sat in that court room all of these weeks what the real story is…the problem will be ever hearing the truth. Pellicano is going to take his thoughts to prison with him, that is the bet on the street!

It gets better, I think that Anthony is a better salesman than I am — he tells George, “I don’t want to take your money”…no, it would be better that you just give it to him! Sometimes I don’t think you trust me — Pellicano is good, can you imagine what it must have been like being married to him….tough is all that comes to my mind!

George tells Pellicano that Danny Davis had his own investigator by the name of Greg Reseda, Pellicano dismisses him as a gopher….gophers are good for lazy people like me, I have one, Brandon!

Danny Davis is a good gift giver. Pellicano tells Mr. Kalter that “Danny Davis gave me a beautiful gift for my birthday” — with all the money Pellicano made for him, he should have bought him a Rolls Royce! In reference again to Anthony Pellicanos best friend Danny Davis, Pellicano states, The biggest case he had I was with him! he blusters to Mr. George Kalta! Pellicano goes on to fluff his feathers AND “Danny Davis gave me $100,000 bonus on one of his cases!” Leslie Abramson gave me an interesting thought as to why that was. This is one smart lady and Mr. Kalter should be
grateful to her! And oh, the BIG DEAL case involving Mr. Kalter that started this crazy flood of money to Pellicano and his cronies was settled by Ms. Abramson and was eventually recorded as a misdemeanor! As I have been saying all along, some good lawyering and basic gumshoe techniques are all that is really necessary! Don’t get me wrong, this electronic magic was fun and very lucrative for a few, but in the end what good did it do?

Note: I found Mr. George Kalter to be a true victim, yes he made a mistake and that was bad enough! However, when he went to look for help as any of us would, he was now the victim! And at least he realized that “something” was not right, and in his desperation he went to the wrong people and made more mistakes…however, in the end thank god that he found Leslie Abramson, Attorney at Law! After all was said and done, it was this woman who was able to help get Mr. Kalters life back.

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