Pellicano Trial: “Pop” Goes the Weasel!

John J. Nazarian
April 4, 2008

The WeaselThe government’s first witness of Thursday morning is Wayne Donald Reynolds, who tells us that he has something to do with protecting Conde Nastes intellectual property, and it would appear he learned a lot hanging around pops! More on this a little later! Oh you won’t believe it — daughters, sons, Happy Ray, Da Sarge, Tarita, Le Master, and hugs and kisses, was poor Anthony starved for love or family?

Mr. Reynolds speaks very well: no sir, yes sir on and on…well he has done 17 years in the U.S.Marines! And he was in the Ventura County Sheriffs Departments Academy till he was fired for doing some kind of a website! Dumb, just plain dumb! Well he tells the court that he worked full time for Anthony — aka POPS — from February 1997 to Summer of 2000 and again part time from 2001 to 2002. He, like so many others, had a title, Chief Lab Tech, Audio and Video! Good boy, SON! He speaks about the recording of telephone conversations and has an incredible knowledge of all of the systems. Ah, like father like son! “Pops”…I mean Anthony…was very methodical, he tells us.

Hey, I may have found one of Ms. Maguires 2 carat diamonds…Anthony was going to sell it to Wayne and instead gave it to him for Christmas, and he gave it to his now divorced wife as an engagement ring! Dumb, just plain dumb! Oh, he knew all of the details of many cases but seemed to gloss over much of it. He told the court that LeMasters told him that the Pelican was looking to rent an apartment in the Glendale or Pasadena area so that he could wiretap there. He goes on to say that he and Anthony had a father son relationship, and Dad would tell dummy to stay in the car when they had a need to go on a mission…mission impossible: find this kids brains! Dumb, just plain dumb! Anthony not wanting his “son” to get in trouble would tell Mr. Reynolds to stay in the car when he would retrieve his “tapping” equipment, telling him, you can’t
get arrested if you sit in the car! Well, that worked, Big Bird gets arrested and his little fledgling is there to help the government to again “f&*k Daddy!” Ahh, family!

And like almost everyone else in the world, he watched Arneson bring envelopes with “his work” and give them to the head bird and then the head bird would give it to him to process, and it was DMV and LAPD stuff that is supposed to be in the police department but, due to the need for money money money, is not!

Well, Mr. Reynolds tells the court that the Pelican was trying to get a CCW so as to carry a concealed weapon from Ventura County Sheriffs dept., and we can all assume that won’t be happening anytime soon for old “Boom Boom” Pellicano. Does the Marine Corps handle the kind of explosives that were found in the safe at the Pellicano Investigative Agency? Damn it, there I go again thinking out loud (some facts to consider, folks). Initially Mr. Reynolds lied to the FBI, not too bad as many had before him, and he, too, cut a deal to testify and not get the big whammy in the end! And he too talks about listening to tapes, and on and on and again, NO CHARGES! Wow, is daddys little dope lucky or what? It is one of those “cooperation agreements” signed in February 2003.

Just about when we think we have heard it all, here comes the Pelican to give his little nitwit a slap down, and did he ever! He is pissed, and spits “Did you not wiretap your boss at Conde Naste?” Mr. Reynolds look like a chicken with an egg stuck and says, No. Anthony asks about his showing some “equipment” to people in the office and again goes into, you did not tap your boss at Conde Naste?….No…and he is lying, you can tell that the Pelican is telling him that he knows and it is all going to get much worse! And we were all wondering, would this nitwit still have a job when this is all said and done? You know someone is going to drop a quarter and call the “boss.” It will happen late at night just as the boss is getting ready to go to sleep! Isn’t that how it is done? Or will he get stuck in an elevator and then buried in the recycling?

Chad Hummel got up to cross and walked Stupid down the stupid lane, and put it simply that he too was a “Racketeer”…just not charged! Chad and Adam Braun are the lawyers in the front lines, but I have to tell you Ms. SooHo and Mr. Semenza are carrying their load very well! It is just that Chad has numerous loads…and more comes every day!

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