Chris Rock: No Apologies, Many Regrets

John J. Nazarian
April 5, 2008

Chris RockFriday, April 5. It is almost 8:05 AM and Chris Rock teeters into the room…he walks as if he is approaching an electric chair. You cannot hear, I do, as in to tell the truth, and he sits like a 4th grader having to go and tinkle….he may be funny at times, but he is not funny today…he looks to be recovering from a stroke! His responses are low and garbled and the judge tells him to speak up. Ironically his testimony comes in the middle of his “No Apologies” tour. Maybe no apologies…probably many regrets!

Chris Rock has relations with Monica Zubrita, a “model” from Hungary, and as often happens it goes from love to shit in minutes! She will contact him and tell him that she is pregnant and wants him to pay; Chris being who he is calls his lawyer, Steve Barnes. Who tells him to call Anthony Pellicano…he does, and now he sits in Federal Court and most of the world has heard Pellicanos tape of him and what he said as to how he does it Rock-style (this is a tape that fell into the hands of a former NY Times reporter and who played it for the world…this same reporter was served a temporary restraining order on this matter yesterday)!

This was Chriss least funny appearance, and he was not doing very well. When he is asked about the case he speaks of the DNA issue, and when that went away the “model” supposedly makes a complaint about a sexual battery…no, not that kind of battery! At one point when asked by Mr. Hummel about that case, Rock states, “I am here as a free man.” LMAO, yes he is and not by much! Good job, Anthony! Another famous person gets to come to Federal Court and sit and be humiliated! After further questioning he says to Mr. Hummel, “You know I did nothing wrong!” and Mr. Hummel is polite and moves and for some reason Rock states, “Dude Im not a cop” — this was in reference to a police report that Pellicano was getting ready to stuff in his ass. There is no question that Pellicano was going to fan the embers to make a raging fire and thus an even larger pay out for himself! Yes Chris, we all know you are not a cop — had you been one, you would want to arrest yourself for being stupid in public!

One of the many (unintentionally) funny comments Rock made today was “I relied on my lawyer” to hire Pellicano, this was in reference to what he was paid! Now ready for real funny, Ms. Zubrita who struck out on the “support my kid” bullshit and then “ouch, what was that” crock had her lawyer present, the lawyer who is going to sue Rock for what Pellicano did on his behalf…and much of it is all on tape!

How must these rich, famous people feel…thinking that they were getting over on everyone, above the laws which are really for the little people…only now to find themselves humiliated and brought low in excruciatingly public fashion? Let’s hear it for the Pelican!

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