The Lovetaps of the Pelican and Mrs. Carradine

John J. Nazarian
April 2, 2008

Lover BoyAs much of an alleged genius Pellicano was with wiretaps, he had to be as bad as they come when it came to hiring people to work in the “Temple of Secrets.” Meet Mr. Richard Campau, another interesting face at the Pellicano Investigative Agency (1998 to 2001), and being one of the wimpiest of the crew, he was at the same time funny! Anyone who can piss off the Pelican is always going to be amusing, and for that Mr. Campau was hilarious.

He has a walk that puts his lower body into view before the rest that is sure to follow. He was dressed with a nice blue suit and a lighter blue shirt and no tie, as if he had forgotten it. He was as nervous as a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy locked in a Turkish prison. This guy had a strange way of hesitating prior to answering a question that was driving Pellicano nuts…”nervous?” Pellicano asks. And then, as if he is in his living room, asks Mr. Campau if he wants some water. Campau answers, “Yes, please” as if he still has to be nice to the Pelican! One of the officers of the court gives him a cup of water, and he uses it almost as a prop through his ordeal with his former master. Knowing what we know of how Pellicano had a
bit of a temper, we can only imagine what it was like at going home time, I am thinking just a “hug!”

When Mr. Campau was asked about credit reports, he stated to the court that they came from “Owl Investigations in Florida”…Tom Owens! Well once again, throw the “Omerta” out the F’n window! Finally Pellicano was so stymied he grabbed his stuff and walked away in a state of frustration and total annoyance…good Job Mr. Campau! Reflecting back on this morning’s attempt at “cross,” Mr. Campau looked to be a cross of Doris Day and Ruth Buzzi…maybe it was the hair!

Well it is almost 9:40 AM and here comes Sandra Will Carradine, the former wife of actor Keith, married in 1982 and all done November 2000! One of the lawyers from Terry Christensen’s (an attorney to be tried in a separate trial after Pellicano) firm moved closer to get a better seat and view when she came in. She tells us that when she met the Pelican to try and bag her husband’s financial information, it was the normal $25,000 retainer, and the games begin! She was asked if she knew that she had been “recorded secretly?” LMAO…none of these people knew, and what must be going through the minds of many of these people now! “Yes, he was the Pelican, who loved to hear the hook being jammed into his victims!”

Maybe he’s giving a “How-to Guide for P.I.s” showing how to work your clients and maximize your “take.” All we are missing here, folks, is a skull and cross bones and maybe an eye-patch…we will have to substitute the parrot for a pelican!

The former Mrs. C tells us all how Keith has taken a loan out for one million and he is going through it like Armenians at an all you can eat shishkabab restaurant. She cannot figure out what is happening to her “community assets!” (These women have all the same concerns that every woman has going through a DIVORCE. They could have learned a lot from!) And in the previous weeks, I have seen many and all got a good working over of their wallets with this guy! Mrs. C is different, she did give him the first $25,000 and when he tries to tell her that the “cable was cut” and needs another $10,000 she does not bite the “hook,” the very same hook we have seen so many others bite! She has a better idea, yes sireee! She is going to sleep with the Pelican — as she stated, “on and off” from around December 2001 to January 2006! For most it would have been go get my checkbook! (This woman will at one point put her house up for collateral on his bail.)

Mrs. C will go on to lie to the FBI and the grand jury to protect her tape-recording little lover and will go down for two FELONIES! And once again we are seeing another in a long line with…IMMUNITY! Mrs. C will try to be as helpful as she can for a break when it comes to sentencing her for her crimes against the United States of America…all to try and cover up and protect the Pelican! How many people got caught in this tapping net! At one point the prosecutor asks her, “You plead guilty becasue you are guilty?” and Mrs. C responds “Yes.”

No one can give it to you like the U.S.Government; however, ask any professional crook and they will tell you that doing time in Federal Prison is so much better than any state system…Hmmm, I am wondering how many will get to sample the difference.

Note: there was a business called “SpyTech” and an individual named John Dresden was mentioned several times, to make a point that Mrs. C had gone to him about “bugging” a cell phone. This was asked by both Anthony Pellicano and by Chad Hummel when he came to cross.

Note: It appears that at times Mr. Hummel speaks a great deal, and from were I am sitting it looks as if Pellicano may be getting others to ask his questions that he just seems not to be able to get out of his beak!

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