Pellicano Trial: The Dead Fish

John J. Nazarian
April 11, 2008

Dead fish warningAnita Busch was called to testify on April 9, 2008 and I am writing about it now as I needed to clear my head and catch my breath! Sometimes people will forget, and sometimes people will re-invent history to what they may believe accurate or not. At one point while telling her story of terror she mentions or someone brings up John Connolly, my pal the book author. Well, Anita tells the court that it was John Connolly from New York City that gave her advice as to her safety…perhaps later on he did this, as any former cop will do — we love to give advice on stuff we should just not get involved with. But it was ME who met with Anita and Paul Lieberman of the Los Angeles Times at Arts Deli in Studio City!
At that time this young lady was terrified, and it would seem after all of these years she still is! I not only met with her and Paul, but I gave her great advice and I also offered to “sleep in her doorway” to try and give her peace of mind, at no charge! We also spoke many times a week on the phone and I am sure Anthony heard what I had to say. On some “facts” in this matter I was wrong: Anita was steadfast that the L.A.P.D. was involved some how and that her phones were not working right. She was also convinced that this was the “mafia” and I was very doubtful that it was. However, after what I heard yesterday who knows? I also heard Michael Ovitz tell Anthony Pellicano to go and get me some information! And say what you will, giving Anthony any marching orders is a little like telling a Doberman not to bite too hard, tough to do and even tougher to control!

I also spoke with her at length while her cat was very very sick, and after the poor animal died. Anita is a wonderful pet lover and this cat was her world when much of it was falling down around her. I don’t believe now, nor did I then that she is a bad person (she had a reputation in some circles for being difficult). After a few months, during one of our many phone calls she asks me, Are you working for Pellicano? I don’t believe we spoke again till yesterday April 9, 2008! It would seem that my advice and friendship were not taken seriously and again it is as I say, if it is “Free or Cheap,” it is not worth anything and not respected! Then again, one can hardly blame this woman for being paranoid about who could be trusted during what she went through. And I still to this day wish this young lady nothing but blue skies and warm days, she has been through a great deal of terror and sleepless nights but at this point she should realize that there was no “bogeyman” after all, just good Ol’ Anthony and the car with no plates that many have had to deal with through the years! At one time I even waited for it, it never showed up and I was sorry it hadnt as I had a surprise for the driver and passenger that would have been a real topper!

As we sit in the audience of the court, we are all shown Arnesons handiwork the same as we have seen almost daily, but this time it is the private info of Anita Busch. And then we see the DMV request for a picture, and this has to be taking its toll on Anita and it looks to be doing just that! And the billing statements showing when and where she was watched by Denise Ward, the fired former LAPD cop! This has not been a great trial for showcasing the Los Angeles Police Department…One is beyond greedy and the other — what can I say? — had to have hit her head during that “on duty” wreck she had!

Antia tells us of the time when out of nowhere, the phone rings and asks, “Are you Anita Busch?” and then hangs up, classic Pellicano shit! Just classic! And then there is the ultimate threat, the dead fish and a rose and a hole in the windshield of her car, all for what? What friggin’ movie did these A-holes fall out of? She is a reporter and her articles pissed off the Little Lord Fauntleroy of Hollywood, Michael Ovitz, and so she gets all of this? Oh, the new theory is that is was the “mafia” — I am still not buying it, it may have been a series of coincidences but I am not convinced! Only because the Big Bird was flapping around! Terrorizing a girl who is by herself and again for what? A newspaper article, that is hot now and under my bird in a few hours? And Ovitz spends $75,000 to fuck with her? Perhaps making a friend would have been a better way to deal with this! But Oh no! I am rich and I am powerful…and now the whole world knows what a little penis you are!

The crushing moment for Anita was describing in great detail the attempt to run her over. She tells of walking to her rental car and hearing a motor rev or race to a menacing tone and seeing a dark colored Mercedes rolling towards her! And how she saw herself dead and thinking that “this is how it ends!” And sitting frozen in her seat and holding a death grip onto the steering wheel, and to look at this piece of shit with his finger to his lips as to say “quiet” and then waving two fingers! Great routine is it not? She describes for all of us the, sickening smile on his face, she also was telling herself, lay down Anita, but could not move! If only someone with a 9mm had been around to catch these wannabe mafia clowns in the act (it wasn’t the first or only time for this routine, nor was Anita the only victim), these “goombah” games would have been all over but the crying! While describing the terror she broke down in tears on the stand, and I bought it as I was there in the early days and knew what she was going through. And now to be in the same room with the SOB that was possibly responsible for some or all of this had to be like reliving a nightmare!

At one point she left her home for a couple of months, and while she was gone someone compromised her computers and took her e-mails. She couldn’t use her phones and at one point called for help from the phone company and her savior arrives, Clifford Shillingford, a field tech who checks into his office and speaks to another savior of the day, Teresa Henry, a now retired technician who actually finds the wiretaps! Or “half taps” or “pairs” or just what they are in this case, WIRETAPS! And Ms. Henry will tell all of us that she unhooked them and threw them away. Ms. Henry will testify that in all her years she had never seen such a thing. I was out of the picture by then, but this had to make Anita feel better, how lucky can you get, to have these two dedicated employees of the phone company go the extra mile! Mr. Shillingford tells the tech at the office when told what they are, just take it off.”

It was mentioned that Anita Busch and John Connolly and some guy named Moldea had joined together to write a book. The title was to be A Woman at Risk,” but when pushed further she said that there would never be a book about her. And that she backed out of the deal with Connolly and Moldea as she thought I was being used. John Connoly told me that it was Moldeas fault as he tried hitting on Ms. Busch and she did not like it! Mr. Connolly also told me that Moldea was getting carried away with all this as he wanted to use “code” names for all of them and John was having no part of it. LMAO, Gaspar is that you?

UPDATE: see Dan Moldea’s response to the above here

Pellicano attempted to cross her and came across as an incompetent bully, and it just stunk, him trying to be compassionate and asking if she “needs a moment?” Hmm…no, but a throwing ax perhaps! At first she would not look at the “fluffy one” but then did and called him by name…she was getting stronger and was, I hope, realizing that he was through, and that it was her and her misery that brought the Pelican down! Dead fish and all…now that is a book title, The Dead Fish!

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