Pellicano Trial: The Pelican and the Nanny

John J. Nazarian
April 10, 2008

disposable phoneOne of the names from my past in this trial is Pamela Miller, I remember speaking to her very briefly when she was represented by Cary Goldstein, Esq. One of the things I recall telling her, as I did with everyone in her situation, was to use disposable phones. No phone bill to get from people like Happy Ray, and even better, nothing to tap The government can tap a cell phone, and it is said that “cloning” is a good possibility also…but with a disposable I don’t see this as an issue. When the time runs out, go get another one! Do Not Buy More Minutes!

Pamela Miller was terrorized, I believe, almost as bad as Anita Busch, another victim of Pellicano and his crew, let’s start by saying that! I know that the defense is claiming that if they can get RICO off the chart of charges. that will be a victory. However, it does not appear to me that one could work without the other, Pellicano could not do his “deeds” without Arneson, and Turner was needed for the phone company, and Kachikian at Pellicano’s direction put it all together — THE CREW!

Pamela Miller worked as a nanny for a woman named Taylor Thomson. Ms. Miller gave an affidavit on behalf of the father of Ms. Thomson’s child in their custody battle, which didn’t endear Ms. Miller to Taylor Thomson. Ms. Thomson, heiress of a Canadian media empire, is a very wealthy woman and best buds with Bertram Fields! Damn, don’t you love the circle of friends, and we know who you get when you hire Mr. Fields! God dam Pelicans! And the tapes are there, all of them — and it is clear that Ms. Thomson’s assistant is talking to Pellicano and he asks, You OK, Sweetie? Hmm, why is he being nice to her, she does not write checks! And then there is the “Queen Bee,” Thomson herself beginning to whine about the money, and she asks for a “statement.” Well, that sets the Pelican back on his duff, and he explains why it is better that one does not exist…BUT, if you want one I will get one to you! She asks about getting a “twofer” investigation, but the Pelican is quick to tell her that if she wants the father/ex investigated, that is going to be another $25,000…and $25,000 for this and that and it’s “get the oil, the rub down is about to start!” I love this guy, what did he do with all of this money?

Pamela Miller was great on the stand — she was as solid a witness you could have. And her lawyer, one of the best in these United States! None other than Neville L. Johnson of Johnson and Johnson, LLP: 439 Canon Drive, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, California 90210 310-975-1080. Mr. Johnson was sitting like a Cheshire Cat after a big meal, he is representing some of the BIGGEST victims of the Pelican and his crew! I heard he was shopping for some big trucks to haul the money back to his office! People, this man is on a mission and he seldom makes any mistakes.

Ms. Millers parents were terrorized, and even her brother — a minister — was forced to move due to the constant stress that was put on him. It was the Pelican calls in the early mornings, and the threats and the cars with little cowards sitting in them…someone should have taken these bastards on! However, Pamela Miller as well as Anita Busch will one day be compensated big time for what was done to them. Pamela has a five star lawyer…I hope Ms. Busch has someone as good!

For me to sit and say that I don’t like rich and generous people would be a lie! And I try not to lie much. I have noticed something, IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY YOU CAN SCREW YOURSELF!!! Many of these people could have hired damn good lawyers for a fraction of the price, but hired you know who, or should by now. Also they hired Anthony and the Crew and got so screwed in the end you have to wonder if hiring a P.I. with old-fashioned worn shoes and an office without a computer lab would not have been a little better. Then again, if they had done that they would not have met Special Agent Stan Ornelas and his other friends at the F.B.I. (a very cool guy and what he must have been like as a young agent)!

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