Pellicano Trial: The Pelican v. Sylvester Stallone

John J. Nazarian
April 11, 2008

Pellicano in his war roomWell it must have felt like Christmas in April today for the defense as the Government went from 112 counts to 79! Yeah they say! I guess, but how deep have the prosecutors already dug the hole that may bury the Pelican and his gang of 3? This case was the toughest on Pellicano and Arneson, and again today the prosecutors played a tape of Arneson taking another big order from the big Feathered One.

It went something like this: Pellicano tells Mark Arneson (aka “Da Sarge”) that he needs a few things, and he starts. B69507** B70926** and a name, Mirella *****, A9653*** 11-00-00, Esther **** 5-88-** and several more. You hear Arneson say, that it? and his next response is “let me jump on it. One thing Arneson did right and that was to hire Chad Hummel…if Mr. Hummel cannot get this guy out of the crap he is in, no one can! Chad is a force to be dealt with, and he has style and a commanding presence.

Early on the Pelican still has Wayne Reynolds stuck in his throat, I can only guess like a bony fish! Pellicano tells the court that Sherry Wainright would testify that Reynolds had “bugged” someone…hmmm, maybe his current supervisor at Conde Naste? What happened to the love, “Pops?”

Again, no one should underestimate Anthony Pellicano, this guy knows something and many are wondering what he is up to. There is more behind this case than what has come to the surface during the trial. In spite of where he sits today he is not stupid, but he is arrogant and, and as someone told me today, he just felt that he was above the law. Only time will tell what he is up to and I am going to be one of those waiting.

One of the most well known entertainment lawyers was present this morning, Marty Singer, Esq. The man is a legend and not too many people do well going up against this counselor of law, he knows the game and plays it well! Today he is with an employee of Sylvester Stallone, Kevin King Templeton — aka Kevin King, aka Kevin Templeton — anyway, this guy has name issues! “Kevin” gave testimony about Stallone getting his “tits in a ringer” about his investment in Planet Hollywood, otherwise known as a “donation.” LOL…He took the advice of his business manager Kenneth Starr and then sued him for not giving him good advice…Oh the rich! Well, Starr hires Bert Fields and yes, here comes the Pelican! And he of course records his call to Starr, and it would appear that he knew things about what Stallone’s lawyer was going to do and who he wanted to locate! How he doin’ dat????? It must be those damn “unorthodox methods!”

Then we all found out that Slys alias when he travels is Johnny Friendly (I was travelling with a VIP client last year and I was checked in as none other than Mr. Pretty”…and I enjoyed being called that…when you stay at the Ritz they remember your name, I heard all day, good morning, Mr. Pretty, can we get that for you, Mr. Pretty,), there were a couple of grins as a few knew what was up! And of course there was Arnesons handiwork and the usual Pellicano “pass me your money” dance, and on and on…

Mr. Stallone’s lawyer, Mr. Lawrence Herbert Nagler, was one of the sharpest witnesses to date, this guy has been a lawyer since 1966! And he looks great and is interesting in his delivery, his office is 310-473-1200. This guy was up against Greenberg, Bluster and Fields and he did very well, even with the other side knowing what his plans were thanks to the Pelican’s phone tricks! Associates said Nagler hired a P.I. to “sweep” his office for bugs — too bad, the only thing that got swept was his money…YOU CANNOT FIND A TAP THROUGH A SWEEP…CAN’T DO IT!!! Mr. Starr paid Mr. Pellcano $25,000 on 2.14.02 and again on 2.20.02 $50,000…hey, don’t knock those “unorthodox” methods!

And again in the recorded tape of Anthony and Starr discussing what they learned from the wiretaps, you can hear the dribble of, You cannot say anything about this to anyone in the world, and Pellicano goes on to say, I will call Bert (as in Fields).

The United States Government rested its case at 12:35 P.M. I have never done this before but I tell you these prosecutors and the agents and the courtroom security did a brilliant job! Now we get to see the defense team try and gain some ground, I am not sure if they can. I will follow up as I can in the next several days and will be present when the verdict comes down and will report it as it happens!

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