Pamela Fayed Murder: all about the money

August 3, 2008

Pamela Fayed and scene of stabbingPamela Fayed is the woman who was stabbed to death last week in the parking lot of a Century City highrise (a building with many high-powered attorneys’ offices). No surprise here, as a matter of fact it is a big surprise that more “murders” and “disappearances” don’t occur. Divorce can be real ugly when you have money! Ms. Fayed’s case had all the pieces for what could be considered a very dangerous divorce. Extremely dangerous. What are those pieces you ask? Money, Money and more Money! Girlfriends! That jerk you married is going to miss his money more than you and most — not all — men will do almost anything not to lose what they often feel is their money. This is vey sad, no one should have to die like Pamela did.

Robert M. Cohen, Esquire had this to say, “this is a classic case for “48 Hours,” the show that many of us watch and they take an hour to give us the obvious answer (not always…you know what I mean). Mr. Cohen has been handling divorce cases in Southern California for many years from his incredible Century City offices and has seen it all (from his office you wont miss much). Mr. Cohen added that it would appear that it was “very contentious, huge sums of money and even the talk of restraining orders.” Note: As I have so very strongly stated in the past, a restraining order will not protect you! Even having a body guard is no promise of your safety — kill the body guard and then kill the target, simple. Pamela had tried to get a “restraining order” against Anthony Fayed, her brother-in-law, and that request was denied. I guess the judge who denied that one may want to explore future denials…Oooops! (not that this is the person who committed this murder…but clearly this woman had real reason to be scared for her life)

And being the very diligent soon to be “Ex,” Pamela’s husband hired defense attorney Mark Werksman as soon as he could! I put a call into Mr. Werksman’s office for a comment and at this time have not heard back from him. I was wondering if Mr. Fayed will hire private investigators to help find the killer? (don’t laugh…did OJ not try this?) Let me say it first, this was a “hit,” and the big question here is who ordered it! And who was that hooded suspect seen fleeing the parking structure? That will be up to the L.A.P.D. and the F.B.I. to find out.

The relevancy to Desperate Exes is very simple, the same verbiage being reported by L.A. Times is so often heard in divorce cases where large sums of money are involved: Fighting over the jointly owned business, restraining orders trying to keep one or the other away from the house or business, the attempt to join the business in the divorce to get more control. Then the best was the old great retaliatory gag that every judge and commissioner must cringe at hearing: her threat to James Fayed of making a report of him assaulting her and his sexual assault of one of the kids. This is the same stuff we hear all the time, except this time it would appear that someone got tired of dealing with divorce, L.A. style!

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