Meyer, Olson, Lowy…& Meyers!

January 22, 2009

Olson Meyer Lowy & Meyers of Meyer Olson Lowy & MeyersWell in the land of Divorce, one of the biggest firms has taken on another partner. Actually, Felicia Meyers has been a partner since July 2007 and was “named” as of January 2009 (is that like getting kissed in a Mafia ceremony?). The firm is now Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. That must be one major pain in the side having to change letterhead and business cards. Ahhh, but look at the upside, you get talent and commitment from someone like Felicia. Ms. Meyers was a litigator for 5 years and ran and jumped into the divorce trenches where she has stayed for over 10 years…mmm seems that she has aged well (she always looks great, unlike some lawyers we see stumbling around the courthouse). She also always has a smile and a friendly way about her. She told me that she loves family law, aka Divorce, and never wants to do anything else (it shows). We all can see why she made partner at MOL and the gang over at MOLM are the best at finding good talent. LOL they found me! They also dress nice over there, have you ever noticed this group…they all look great! (many law firms today use “car services” to shuttle from court and back to the office, it is time and money well spent…something that I notice is that the car service MOLM uses, hmmm let me just say that the “frame don’t fit the picture,” OMG they do dress nice, but stepping out of “dated” Lincolns is not the tea). Maybe Ms. Meyers can change the bump and grind of those old beaters! LOL

Felicia MeyersAs if Felicia is not busy enough being a partner in a major firm, she also chairs the Family Law Pew at the Beverly Hills Bar Association. I knew the first time I met Ms. Meyers that she was special, besides being an animal lover (like myself) she is the real deal. Knowing that she is an avid tennis player, that I am sure comes in handy as she negotiates nasty divorces. Funny thing is that when it comes to volleying back and forth in a divorce it must be like trying to hit a medicine ball back and fourth across a very tall net! NEVER is it easy! Another interesting comment Felicia made to me was that she always tries “to never be fake.” Well, I have to say that she seems very real to me. And in a courtroom she also comes across very real as she attacks, and why not, she has had some great lessons in swimming and attacking by one of the “great whites” in the divorce business! and myself wish Felicia Meyers, Esquire all the best on being a partner in one of the best Family Law firms in the country.

Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, California 90067

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