Leave the poor paps alone, K’s!

April 6, 2010

PhotographerThe latest potential train wrecks, Da Kardashians — Kim and her BIG sister Kourtney — were exiting a car when some poor photographer got very close, it is being reported. And Kim and BIG sis Kourtneys security thugs took care of business. What does that mean? Just because the guy has a camera does not make him a threat, as a matter of fact is it not these very same people who made these nobodies somebodies?

The members of our security details are off-duty police and sheriff deputies and above all gentlemen. You can still have security and not get sued or arrested, it is called having trained people in place and COMMON SENSE. During the Phil Spectre circus we saw his security team and being that he was so rich it would appear that he had paid by the pound for the two cows in very large suits that accompanied him and his wife to and from the court. Hot day? folks can you imagine the odor factor and having these two grunts with you?? Hello! For Nazarian and Associates, we don’t hire people by how many pounds they weigh but for what they have between their ears: brains. It would also appear that hiring current or former street thugs is also not good for any potential jury verdict…sweeties you will have to pay. Also, insurance the last time I checked does not pay off on criminal acts. And assaulting and beating someone is a criminal act.

And how about this, you don’t want the attention, don’t leak your schedule to the paparazzi and chances are they won’t be there. Ahhhh, that would be too disappointing, no one to take your picture and document how surprised you look. OH NO, but then TMZ would not have you to make comments about on there site. There are dozens of ways to keep from being confronted by the photogs. A perfect example is when Adam Braun and I accompanied a client to be booked for the Anna Nicole debacle…there was no photo of her entering the police station, and no photo of her leaving. Also keep in mind that I planned the entire event and the best part NO MUG SHOT! We don’t want to be sued and we don’t want to attack the very people who make us famous, THE PAPARAZZI, these men and women provide a service. For sure there are times when you wish they were not parked in front of your house or apartment. How about this, send for coffee and sandwiches for them while they are camped out and maybe they will give you a break. We use other less pleasant tactics but they are harmless…who can predict a broken hose or sprinklers going off by accident?

When a real threat is in place, get out of the area quickly and use the appropriate force to do that. Having trained professionals will do the trick and you don’t get that for 50 bucks an hour. But if you hire meat to beat people and smack them around and break their cameras, you’ll PAY FOR IT in bail, lawyers and settlements.

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