Brot & Gross: Divorce, Valley-Style

April 4, 2010

Mark Gross and Ron BrotBrot and Gross LLP – say what you will about this law firm but they are likely one of the more powerful firms here in the Valley. I live in the “Valley” and we get beat up for that sometimes…hey guess what, Brot and Gross found a niche and filled it! Not the Westside but they are the real deal. I made a comment awhile back something to the effect that “he is not Trope”…for sure god broke the mold when Sorrell jumped out. What you do get with Brot is a guy who is going to work for you and at the same time like Trope he expects to be paid…that is how they pay the bills and feed their families.

Brot and Gross have a suite on the 15th floor of a very nice building in Sherman Oaks that is fresh and well furnished, bright and airy yet very professional. Ron Brot has been around a very long time and has enough life experiences to make him a good listener. He can be loud and when he wants to be heard, trust me you will hear him. is not rating lawyers as we once did. However I would be a fool not to have Ron Brot in the top 20 here in the L.A. basin.

Mark P. Gross is the partner and has a different manner, a great example of opposites attract. Not that he is any lesser of an attorney but in personality. Send me a comment when you meet the two of them, you will see. In my journeys around the courthouse I see Mr. Gross all the time. Ron shows up too, but it is different.

Ron Brot and his partner Mark Gross have gone the extra mile to include great support staff. Those are the people that are doing research, doing briefs, following up and up and coming lawyers who are critical to the success of the guy you hired! And people hear me loud and clear, good support staff is as important as the lawyer you choose to fight your battle. No gas, the tanks won’t run! Don’t pay your bill and your lawyer won’t run either, Hello? I have heard from several contacts who agree their support staff are one of the best.

For me, 15 floors above the ground is too high, fire truck ladders only go 7 stories…I dont mind stopping by and visiting, but I love the ground floor.

Brot & Gross, LLP
15260 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 1500
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Phone: (818) 594-0800

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