LA Women Leaders in the Law

April 3, 2010

Lisa Meyer, Doreen Olson, Dana Lowy, Felicia MeyersLos Angeles Women Leaders in the Law, this was a small well done magazine as an addition to the Los Angeles Times the other day and who do I do I find in it? Some of’s personal favorites.

Lisa Helfend Meyer, Dana Lowy, Doreen Olson and their new addition Felicia Meyers…and who you ask are they? Well, it was from the start a Lisa Helfend Meyer plan to put together a group of feisty female and always well-dressed lawyers. And she did it! The magazine is a very nice presentation of divorce and other lawyers in the Los Angeles area. Unlike that train wreck SUPER LAWYERS, or as it is referenced on, “Super Asswipes.”

This too was a promotional piece but it was very well done, Lisa H. Meyer was of course wearing Louis Vuitton, very high end pair of boots. And please do not hit me over the head with my fixation of what people wear, how well you present yourself is a factor in how well you present in court. She is always so well-dressed and with classic pieces from her frequent trips to Paris. Her other partners, Dana Lowy, another expert on world travel is always upbeat and confident and talk about a great lawyer, look no further. The third, of the original three, Doreen Olson is another one of the original team who is always looking the part, and why? Simple folks she is one of the more brilliant divorce attorneys in the city.

My only question is what happened to Felicia Meyers? Her hair looks great, and the makeup very nice, but the jeans and the bare feet? Felicia, girlfriend, whoever told you that no shoes for such an event was a good idea, go slap them. You are now a partner of a very big shot DIVORCE law firm. Now to put this gently, my god if you had a thumb on that foot you could serve coffee. Now don’t hate me, but I think you could use those toes to point and give directions in the event your hands were full.

As I have always stated, you better have a strong checkbook when you waltz into the domain of “the girls.” For sure if you can afford them you will not be disappointed, these four give you 110% and as for Felicia she is one of those lawyers who will ruin your day if you go up against her in a courtroom. Felicia Meyers’ strong point is her work in front of a judge and jury, that folks is a talent many lawyers lack, not with Ms. Meyers.

As I read along. who else do I see? Oh my god, it is none other than Grace Jamra. Grace will always be one of my all-time favorites, two things she does not understand: sit down and be quiet. Do yourself a favor and don’t get her wound up. Ms. Jamra was giving her thoughts on the current status of our divorce courts. Her comments in print are interesting and on point. For me, I would rather sit and listen to her rather than read her comments. I am surprised that she has not formed her own firm or moved on to a bigger firm as she is without question a huge power in Los Angeles divorce courts…we will see. Amazing Grace is still Amazing at

Debra OpriAnd last but not least is my old friend Debra Opri, Ms. Opri is an attorney who has fought battles in the courts and knows how to get a news person’s attention. She has had to battle a client who was backing out of an agreement. No question that client had backed out when he saw what Ms. Opris hard work had achieved…she fought and in my opinion won, clients will be clients. She is a unique lawyer with an even more unique practice, she does often represent those who have no money but need help. Her success with that strategy has worked for her. We at wish Ms. Opri all the best in the coming years. She has more than 20 years of litigation under her belt and I am betting she has 20 more to go.

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