Ricky Martin “shocker”!

April 1, 2010

Ricky Martin sur la playaI am a fortunate homosexual man.” my dear friend Ricky Martin announced via his website. All I have to say about this Big News is, NO SHIT! I have no idea why Ricky did this and it is certainly not any of my beeswax but it was as much of a surprise to us as having a belly button. Who did not know he was gay…no straight guy can move that way. He is an incredible entertainer and we at DesperateExes.com wish him and his family years of continued good fortune.

Bravo Ricky at accepting your new found freedom! Long live la vida loca.

Juan Gabriel is a much older version of Ricky Martin…now this isn’t such a long reach, Juan is gay also and one of the legends of Mexican music. Catch either one, Ricky Martin or Juan Gabriel even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will leave the concert feeling as if you kissed the moon!

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