Judge Perry Boots the Stooges Free

John J. Nazarian
January 8, 2011

Many times I’ve stated, the real truth of the Anna Nicole Smith case will never be told, at least in a court of law. Howard K. Stern had his entire case thrown out by superior court Judge Robert Perry, this judge made it clear from the very beginning he did not like this case. And in the end he made it even clearer by taking the action that he did.

Dr. Khristine Eroshevich also escaped with her title intact – Doctor – when Judge Perry commuted her sentence to 12 months of probation and a $100 fine. That made it crystal clear what he thought of Mr. District Attorney. Dr. Eroshevich and I were to write a book of the “real” Anna Nicole Smith and the shenanigans that were being pulled on and around her. There is still not a question in my mind having discussed this in detail with Eroshevich that it would be “her” telling the story of what she saw that would be a bestseller.

Again as I stated previously, the D.A.s office did not expect to have to deal with Steve Sadow and what I called the “Sadow Factor.” In the beginning who ever heard of this guy? As I listened and watched I could see what an incredible talent he had with the judges. Both judges Westley and Perry, it seemed to me that they channeled their thoughts and had a clear understanding of what was needed and what to focus on. The other lawyers were pretty much following his lead.

No matter what we or I think it is of little difference, the Three Stooges were arrested and charged and played the prosecutor’s game and in the end all three won their freedom. Their reputations will be forever in question, just as was O.J. Simpson, most thought he was guilty of the crimes he was charged with…the difference was that the jury set him free and in this case it was Judge Perry who set Howard and Bubbles free. The common thread is it makes little difference as to actual guilt. The Judge saw through what was being done and did not like it, and I agree. I agree with the law as this is what our country is based on. My problem is all those conversations I had with Eroshevich and all the discovery that I read, and every lie has a little truth.

Let me put it this way, what the Los Angeles District Attorney did was try to bake a cake. Yes, try and bake a cake when you had no flour and the eggs were rotten, so bad that even realizing what you were doing was not on target and the cake was going to stink. And stink it did, this has to be one of the biggest stinkers the L.A. District Attorney has had to face during Steve Cooleys time in office…hundreds of thousands spent and you could not even get anyone to eat your cake!

Having a judge who is annoyed with the case as charged and who would become even more annoyed at Prosecutor Rene Rose who was prosecuting the case was another element. There was the Sadow Factor and the other element was surrounding yourself (Howard and Anna) with people who at their best were incompetent. We saw the body guard, the wife of the body guard, the nannies (and their families), star-struck government officials, real estate moguls/felons and a galaxy of hangers-on, and it would be their very testimony that would be almost as comical as an episode of the “Anna Nicole Show”…the only thing missing was that flamboyant fruit cake. It was this very, very incompetent and annoying testimony that further pissed off Judge Perry.

In the end Howard never looked better, and Bubbles had that annoying grin still stuck on her face, and even Kapoor showed up for some face time. You would have thought he would have avoided the Criminal Courts Building at all costs – ahhh, the cameras (I certainly can relate to that). And we should all be happy for them, much of this was a mistake from the beginning on the part of the investigative agencies who participated. From the Bahamas to the United States, it was clowns with badges and guns. And personally it is my opinion some would not have recognized a crime scene if their lives depended on it, screw-ups and star-struck they were. And it was a horrible thing for anyone to go through, not knowing if you are going to be free or in some lockup for a few years. On the other hand, it was their own behavior that got them to this point sitting and wondering what would become of their lives, doctors and lawyers oh my. Let us not forget, two young, beautiful people under their watch and care who should be alive and well are dead and gone. And like one of those airplane kits you buy online and then build it yourself and fly out of the blue skies and crash to earth, well, the best laid plans of mice and stooges…

Not that I am going to be sharing a sandwich at Nate & Als with any of the three but with the luck this bunch has, the California Lottery should be their next stop.

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