Amazing Grace

John J. Nazarian
January 2, 2011

What are some of those just brilliant old expressions? Every dog has its day,” “sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas, and one of the best ones that comes to my mind today is you don’t know what you got till you lose it.”

Well, I was walking down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills the other day after having lunch at the Montage and heard this big splash. What? I could not believe my eyes, it was Grace Jamra of JAMRA & JAMRA. Grace has dropped anchor in Beverly Hills at JAMRA & JAMRA, 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 460, Beverly Hills, California……you can call her at 310-278-9001.

Formerly of Philips, Lerner, Lauzon & “she is gone” Jamra, LLP. This is huge, as it is in many of these “premiere” divorce firms, you have one in the firm who is a great self promoter but presents a case as if her teeth are loose and and an expression on the face as if she is about to break out into an opera! Then you have the talent, Jamra was the BIG talent in that firm, and she is gone. I coined the term Amazing Grace” after sitting and listening to her in court a few years ago. I am standing by that name even more now, this is one of the most amazing lawyers I have ever seen. No one gives more heart and sweat to her cases than Grace, she has knowledge of the law, she has a presence and a voice and at times quite a vocabulary.

For this investigator, it was a simple thought that stumbled through my overworked mind, what took this 20 year veteran so long? So long to move out of a situation of working for ol’ what’s her name? I would have given a pair of my cashmere socks to see the look on Stacey Flips when the news hit her in her morning coffee. Ouch! And it would appear that others too are checking the depth of the water and chipping barnacles in hopes of setting sail.

Jamra & Jamra will be a power house of expertise and experience, I will promise any of my readers, no disappointments here folks. Amazing Grace has even taken a cut in her hourly rate, from $675 per hour to $500, her idea. When I asked why, her answer in typical Grace Jamra fashion, “I want to give the clients more bang for the buck!” How often do you see divorce lawyers lowering their hourly fees? Not very often is the answer. There have been some disasters in former partners setting sail on their own from the Mothership. One that comes to mind lost their main sail in calm waters and has not been seen much lately. Jamra & Jamra is already strong and has the big firm experience with the attention to detail that is seldom found in many firms. You go and interview the “name” and end up with an associate that you soon realize is nothing more than a “biller.” Folks when you hire Grace Jamra you are going to get Grace Jamra, and you better have a good grip and hold on to your hat! This firm is going to be “boutique-ish” with an incredible flair for great legal talent.

We at DESPERATEEXES.COM want to wish Grace Jamra and everyone at JAMRA & JAMRA, smooth seas, a strong wind and friendly ports. I for one have very high hopes for Grace and cannot think of anyone who deserves all the success that will come her way.


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