John J. Nazarian
January 31, 2011

How many of us have had to deal with associates at these mega law firms? Lots, and we have heard all of the comical and not-so-comical issues concerning them. You have some such as Troy A. Christiansen and Adam P. Lipsic, both of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, incredible talent. No surprises here folks, the three partners are serious as to who is sitting next to them in their Family Law Practice.

Here is another group of shining stars: Annie Nakornratana Slusser, Erica Swensson, Benjamin Valencia, these three are from the firm of M-O-L-M aka Meyers, Olson, Lowy and Meyers. Would you expect less from such a premier firm? Real talent is hard to find, and these three should keep an office with a window!

Not to be left out you cannot forget one of the biggest, Trope and Trope, here I find a few that I love and a few…not so much. Here are a couple of my favorites, Tara Scott, Meghann Bonvie, and of course Angela Harris. Working around the man that almost invented divorce law in California you will learn how to dress and look like a lawyer, and one day be allowed to present a case. Working with Sorrell Trope you will learn things no law professor will ever teach you.

Another just wonderful office is that of Judith R. Forman, here you will find Cori G. Stockman, an integral part of the firm, incredible legal talent and most of all smart. There has to be a talent in selecting associates as they are a very important contingent of any successful law office. Ms. Forman has a very powerful presence in the world of divorce, and when you meet her or one of her associates you soon learn why.

Over at Susan Wiesner’s office you will find Sawsan Mansour, Amanda B Harvey, Adam N. Schanz. Susan also happens to have one of the coolest offices in the city, well-placed and very comfortable. And if you ever get over there, check out Ms. Wiesner’s wheels!

The above is just a very small list of some very competent associates who I believe are on the fast track to fame and most of all fortune in the Divorce Game, or as it is known in proper circles, Family Law. The associates that I mention above stand out, they can speak well and can be seen taking active parts in the firms that employ them. Associates do much of the grunt work that the “partners” have little interest in, they do the research and often the note-taking.

Hey, I could be on to something here…sure, Soooooper Dooooooper Associates. We could collect lots of money and do mailings and put the names on office-looking letterhead and make millions, and like the others, you’ll be Sooooooper Doooooper as long as you paid for your placement on our site! What a concept!

Now on the other hand, if you have a dozen or so or 5 or 6 associates you will have what we call “Gods 2%.” Who are they you ask? the ones that should not have a window on their door, the ones that if they go to court it is only to carry the boss’s brief case or pull the cart, and smile when told to. Over the years I have had the unpleasant duty to let “Gods 2%” know that I am very much aware of their short-comings and hope to never speak to or hear from them again.

These encounters often occur when the “associate” is stepping outside their pay rank. You have seen these bar card carrying members, sure they sit in front of a computer and stare and salivate for what little attention they can attract from their screens. In my world I am at the same level as the partners in these firms who hire us for purposes that are not often shared with the associates. Their sole job is to call and to give details and repeat what they are told. Let me make this a little simpler, some of these associates would not qualify as a greeter at Walmart, but here we are as clients and investigators having to deal with them in the course of having to do business.

Any associate who is not on’s Hit Parade? They need to work harder and perhaps we will recognize your talent and make mention of it here on the site. For those of you who have tangled with myself or any of my staff, thank your lucky stars you’re NOT mentioned here…

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