The Receiver: David J. Pasternak, Esq.

John J. Nazarian
February 8, 2011

David J. Pasternak, Esq.Readers will recall I was impressed by the speed in which Knowles and Collum had a receiver in place: David J. Pasternak , Esq. of Pasternak, Pasternak & Patton. From the day of my initial meeting with Mr. Pasternak, it was clear that he was going to do what he needed to do within the guidelines of the law and he did. Always well-dressed and his shoes were shined, and he looked that part, professional.

“The guidelines of the law,” this is how simple it is, “I am an agent of the court,” and I represent the judge” (Family Code 290). Those were Mr. Pasternak’s exact words when I interviewed him yesterday in his offices at 1875 Century Park East, Suite 2200, L.A. California 90067. Sitting down and talking to Mr. Pasternak two things come clear: he enjoys his family and knows the receiver business. Through 30 years of practicing law he has developed a great reputation. David shares the practice with his wife Cynthia, who is an attorney mediator, and one other partner, John Patton, who is a full-time litigator. He has a complete staff that is working on keeping track of the millions that he has under his control…millions and millions. Pasternak is all-the-way top shelf, the real deal and he knows his stuff backwards and forwards.

Mr. Pasternak told me that business is doing well, with the economy and the usual issues of one spouse thinking the house is worth 500 thousand and the other one thinking it is 250 thousand, once it is in Davids capable hands all of this will become clear…that is what he does, he makes it clear for all to see. David protects assets and does what is correct and all at the direction of the court. And David in his duty as a receiver is a neutral party (let me help here, he is happy if you are happy and he is happy if you are not happy, that in my world is perfect), and any all documents that he may have in his possession are available to both sides, that can be a great opportunity for one or both parties!

David also told me that he is very much aware of keeping the cost down and reasonable to handle the job that needs to be done. The way he told me this was as a matter of fact. Mr. Pasternak travels all over the world in dealing with the financial issues that he has under his control, he needs to know and have a clear understanding of what there is to know and what is the worth, the value of something if it is to be sold.

I am so amazed that so many times people ignore the orders of the court and even more incredible, they get away with it. With the courts becoming more and more overwhelmed, it would seem to me that judges are going to need more “eyes and ears” in seeing that the orders of the court are followed…enter David J. Pasternak, Esquire and Receiver.

And oh, before I forget, David has had some whoppers: Death Row Records, of Suge Knight fame, Wickes Furniture, this one he sold out of receivership and so many others. Folks, this guy is the real deal, confidant and efficient comes to my mind after speaking with him. A little inside stuff: all three partners have been presidents of Bar Associations, that is a big deal when you think of it…not as big as handling Suge Knights property, but big!

If you are moving fast in the protection of your client’s rights and securing the community property and are not sure what will happen, bring in Pasternak, Pasternak & Patton and sleep well knowing all is safe and secure.

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