Probation for Ryan Bowman?? Another LA court system outrage

John J. Nazarian
January 28, 2011

Ryan Bowman, scumbagDon’t believe that the criminal justice system is broken? Just visit the criminal courts, well at least the one in Beverly Hills. Ryan Bowman, the scumbag from down under was in Judge Foxs courtroom yesterday were he plead Not Guilty to felony hit and run, a charge that had already been reduced from manslaughter after he ran over 21-year-old Lauren Ann Freeman with his Bentley and fled the scene, leaving her to die on Sunset Blvd., back on Nov. 15. Sure, why not it is as honest a comment as he is a legitimate business man –garbage I say, he is known as a soft porn tycoon in Australia. The guy looks more like a wannabe playboy than any tycoon. He was dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt opened at the collar, very slickly casual for a guy who runs a girl down killing her and leaves her in his wake to die. “Scum” looked like he was going to go to some local bar and swill down some cold ones while he watched the game. Not as if he was standing in a court of law because he killed a young girl trying to cross the street. Note: it was reported to me that Bowman got behind the wheel of a BMW M5 and drove out of the courthouse. Is that possible, and was there not talk that the scumbag from down under was not to drive in Los Angeles?

Sitting in the front row of the courtroom all alone were Laurens mom and dad, the loss and devastation is clearly still on their faces. I could feel the pain and desperation just by being close to them. But the feeling of what a failure this city’s/state’s justice system is was about to kick in even further: it was mentioned that Ryan Bowman, the killer of Lauren Ann Freeman, was going to be given Fn PROBATION! Could that be? And worse, the Los Angeles County Probation Department never spoke to either of her parents for their thoughts of the killing of their only daughter. The Los Angeles County Probation Department stated on the form, they were “unable to contact family!” Well it was evident from where I was sitting that Judge Fox was a tad annoyed, he ordered the Los Angeles County Probation Department to speak with Laurens mom and dad. Let me help here, the person who did this report should be fired, yes siree give that job to someone who understands the heartbreak of having your child run down and left to die in the street. They “could not contact the family” and just processed the form, just like all of the rest. “Unable to contact?” Make that “didn’t even try,” incredibly callous. Bowman the millionaire is still out on his measly $50,000 bail, he must think that he is in scum paradise. Kills a young girl, leaves her to die, abandons his car and strolls the next morning into the Sheriffs Station and is now looking at PROBATION. I have a client whose son spray painted some graffiti and is in custody with a $30,000 bail…I am beginning to hate this entire system.

Adam Braun, one of California’s most brilliant defense attorneys, was in court this morning and when he saw me he came over and we talked about the travesty of justice that we had just witnessed. Adam was clear that if this District Attorney could not get it right and the Los Angeles Probation Department could not understand the importance of treating millionaires like all of us common folk, that perhaps forcing the case to go to the Grand Jury would add some spark to a system that was failing all of us as we watched. Adam Braun told me that the District Attorney should go for a full blown evidentiary hearing, put it all out there for the world to see, and stressed the need to “humanize” this case and not just go through the motions, people should know the depravity of his conduct to leave her alone,” in Adam Braun’s words. The whole world should know what kind of a scumbag he is, my words.

The next hearing for The Scum from down under is February 25, 2011. Let’s hope those morons at The Los Angeles Probation Department can get it right. Well we can hope can’t we?

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