A Model Deputy, and a Lesson in Ex Games

March 4, 2009

LA County Sheriff patchAfter last week’s deputy disaster, as luck would have it I had another run-in with a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, but this one renewed my faith in the department. I was called out to respond to a former husband who had moved out of the family home and had gone begging to get some “relief” from the court. “I just want a few clothes and some toiletries”…BIG FAT LIAR. Well, the attorney on the case and the other opposing counsel got the judge to give BFL a window of between 9 AM and 2 PM. The window should have been closer to 9 AM and 11 AM, right? He is coming to pick clothes and toiletries, right? Wrong! I knew from looking at him that he was going to try and do a run for the furniture, and that he had been bullying his former wife and thought he could give her one of those looks, you know the kind, little beady eye looks…not this time! I bet you anything that as a little kid this BFL had one finger in his nose and the other in his ass…just a feeling.

This big dope shows up with a big ass rental moving truck — with a lift gate and all — the kind you could have moved almost an entire house! He has also found four helpers, one of which looks like she had spent a little too much time at the Dairy Queen and she had a video camera. A video camera to remove clothes? Well BFLs plan was a simple one, he was coming to move stuff! That was till Deputy Kathleen Roberts responded to the scene. BFL had called the sheriffs department and so did my client, folks it is always a great idea to have law enforcement contacted to at least keep the peace in these situations. Also to review the order if you happen to have it — we did and Deputy Roberts reviewed it and she also made it very clear that there would be no games between the former love birds. She was thoroughly professional, she spoke well and never stuttered once as to what she was going to be doing here at the house. And guess what, that was fine with us! This big game that BFL was trying to pull was once again an attempt to intimidate my client: big truck, a bunch of people and this was to pick up “clothes”? Oh, he was not happy with John J. Nazarian, as I was very clear also when I spoke to the deputy. I have always found that when you speak to the cops or any judicial officer, TELL THE TRUTH.

Deputy Roberts listened to all parties, and understood the paperwork as she had a background as a bailiff in family law courts. She gave the BFL all the opportunity to gather his clothes. At one point he says, “well that is most of them,” and I tell him, hold up. I mention to Deputy Roberts that this is “one bite at the apple” and I am sure he was going to say later, “Oh I have more clothes that I need” and worm his way back in again, maybe this time without supervision. Not this time Bozo boy, you are out of here. I asked that he remove all of his clothes as was the initial request to the court. And he looked at me as if he had eaten a bad pancake (very possible is this guy owns a piece of several IHOPs!), and like a pudgy 2 year old shuffled off to get the rest of his clothes…..BFL!)

In the end he took one or two items and as he was leaving he asked if he could take the warranty to the trash compactor. Huh? I asked if he had a trash compactor in his car. He said no, so I said you can’t have that, the trash compactor is in the kitchen! Just another attempt for the BFL to try and flex for his victim, aka the former wife! This is sad and even terrible to have to watch and listen to a bully pathetically trying to screw with his former loved one’s head…no wonder I feel so beat up some time mentally in this biz.

Deputy Roberts is the type of Deputy that Lee Baca should bless the “police gods” to have as she knew her stuff, she was very firm and fair. This could have been a very ugly event, but due to the presence and professionalism of Deputy Roberts it was a great Saturday morning!

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