Pellicano Trial: the crew goes down with the ship

March 4, 2009

SS PellicanoToday in Judge Dale Fischers court was like “batter up”…batter up as in “smack the ball!” And smack the ball Dale Fischer did, again and again. Ray Earl Turner was the first to fall. This guy had a criminal history that makes one wonder how did he keep a job at the phone company? He was arrested for stealing batteries, he was arrested for stealing something from Home Depot, he was arrested for stealing “muscle cream” while working in the field for the phone company. The knowledge of how to use “muscle cream” might come in handy in Ye Ol Jail House as he got 10 years and one month. I would imagine rubbing muscles is a favorite past time… And $150,000 fine. But you know, he has or had all kinds of rental property and a home too! This will be good for all of those lawsuits that will follow him. His lawyer Mona C. SooHoo tried to present to the court all kinds of reasons why Uncle Ray should not go to prison. One was especially touching, his sister is getting out of prison soon and Ray would be able to get her comfortable. What? Is that not what a parole agent is supposed to do? Does the state have “half way” houses? I heard one Of Turners friend’s or relative state, Ten years for that? I would say YES and Judge Fischer did not stutter.

Next up was Lil Abner Nicherie, he was dressed nice, looked like he does not pay much attention to detail in his appearance. But he was awake and standing this time, it was sweet, he and his mother sat and held hands. His mom is like 75 years old and dresses like a 20 year old! And she has that platinum blond hair and those big spongy lips like that lunatic who had the 8 kids, you know, blubber lips. Well, his lawyer, Lawrence C. Semanza tried to tell the judge all the reasons why this already convicted felon should not go to jail and the judge listened and then guess what she did? 21 months and a $3,000 fine, off to Federal Prison. The U.S. Marshals took them right then and there, searched and handcuffed them…Poof! you are now Inmate Lil Abner. He was funny, I have always thought he was funny. He told the judge how he is attending Nevada State College to be a registered nurse! He is a double convicted felon and one of the felonies was for pharmaceutical violations. This guy does have a sense of humor…Registered Nurses handle drugs and Judge Fischer brought this to his attorneys attention, we all had a good chuckle. Maybe he will take a course in telecommunications equipment repair while in prison and work on phones too! His mother left about 15 minutes before he was shackled and removed from the court.

Alright, are you with me? Two down and two who now have “Inmate” where “Mr.” was just a few hours ago. Now here comes Da Sarge, Mark Arneson. His attorney Chad Hummel had the best delivery, he is a great lawyer. And he tried and he presented and he smiled and he was doing what a good lawyer does, trying to keep his client out of prison. 10 years and one month, $100,000 fine for inmate Arneson!

Three for three and it was a home run for Saunders and Lally, these guys were rested and they were as sharp as sharp could be. They knew that these guys were bagged and now they were making room on the wall for their heads, it was done, and a job well done. Judge Fischer really laid into Da Sarge, here are some of her quotes: He lied from the moment he took the stand…Mr. Arneson took me back…cavalier…Never took bribes – false…continued to lie to pursue his goals…serviced Anthony Pellicano on and off duty…he was a corrupt police officer…victimized hundreds of people…he repeatedly gave false testimony.” And one of the best was when she told his attorney, as a Federal Judge can, He is not leaving this court house. The judge made it clear also her feelings about the polygraph that Arnesons Lieutenant gave him…Huh? Arneson passed it…file that under who cares! LOL

Chad was scrambling to try and get bail for Da Sarge. His wife and a “partner” (an older gentleman) were present to post a DUPLEX that she owns (the judge wants to have lots of valuable stuff to secure his bail). And this could be tricky as it may also reveal assets for the government to go after. And there was a nice lake house that was up for grabs too. It was reported that Arneson had moved assets around to prevent them from being taken by the hundreds of lawsuits that will be filed and that are already being served. I hope he hid them good!

And not to give a sucker a break, Prosecutor Daniel Saunders makes it clear to the judge that the government may go after the signature bond that Arneson put up, as he may have violated the conditions. Saunders and Lally were on top of their game…tough Federal Prosecutors!

Note: Stan Ornelas was present and looking well rested and told us that he was still retired!

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