Pellicano Trial: The Final Sentence

March 10, 2009

Well it’s off to the Federal Court House as this is the day that Mr. Kevin Kachikian gets his ass handed to him….so I thought. Again I was correct, there were no U.S.Marshals sitting in the courtroom waiting and it was then I realized that he was not going to jail…not today anyway.

Adam BraunAdam Braun, Kevins lawyer was as solid as he had been all along. Adam stated a few times that his client was Kind and gentle. I would have to agree as his client stood there in his sandals and beige slacks and sweater…simple. He made his points and presented them the best he could. And in the end Judge Fischer could just as well had taken a phone call and returned to make her delivery. This federal judge is not in the mood for going easy on the bad guys and Kachikian is one of the bad guys…but not the worst of the bunch. At one point Judge Fischer tells Kachikian I am not the warm and friendly type. A little like saying that I have a bit of an unusual moustache.

Kevin was present with his mother and friends, and I have to say that just like on other occasions it is the family and friends who are really hurt by this process. Kevins family and friends looked like just nice people. Adam Braun continued and then Kachikian addressed the court and said that he was going to “remove the rose colored glasses so as to see the red flags”…hmm, a little too late for that, don’t ya think? And in the end, Adam Braun smacked a home run and got his client out of the courthouse with a week to get his freedom secured. He was given 27 months and $2,000 fine, guilty on two counts…not bad. This will be done with his mother putting her home on the block. It was at this time that the judge made her “warm fuzzy” comment, as she would take whatever is being used to secure his freedom! Saunders and Lally did not throw any major blocks on this either…it was a day that showed a some compassion for the little people. Saunders did say that he felt that he was a threat and the usual…however, in the end the judge sorta/kinda went with Mr. Braun on this part…(the only time she was nice to Mr. Braun I thought). Don’t get me wrong, I did not say they did not do their job, oh they made it clear what they thought of this big liar, aka Da Computer Geek. The judge also made her position very clear and in the end it did appear that Kachikian got a similar break as did Terry Christensen, for a fraction of the cost! Was not easy, but Braun did a good job!

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