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My Kingdom for Some TP

Tweet We here at are always keeping an ear to the rail as to the ever changing times and places in the world of “DIVORCE,” or as some call it “Family Law.” Deep within the bowels of the Beverly

Why Fight When We Can Negotiate?

Tweet Laura Wasser, Esq. vs Samantha Spector, Esq. and we have Ms. Spector representing Amber Heard (the one with the bruised kisser from the windup of Depp nailing her with a cell phone) And did I mention that the cops

Bullshit and Roses

Tweet This is going to be one hell of a funny “TidBit”….How, I ask, does an organization such as The Beverly Hills BAR Association and or the L.A. County BAR association come up with some of their “hair brain” ideas?

The Jurassic Jews

Tweet Most of my clients are motivated by results and could care less about costs, that has worked for us for over 21 years. All the nasty comments and ridicule frankly has made us even more money than I could

A Breath of Fresh Air

Tweet How often do you find a breath of fresh air? Well, that is what I did today. I met with Diana Hagopian, founder and principal of Hagopian & Associates. Diana truly began from the very bottom of the barrel,

Announcing the opening of the new Law offices of Tara Scott

Tweet We at wish Tara all the best!! ———————————————— From: Tara Scott Subject: Announcement- The Law and Mediation Offices of Tara Scott Dearest Family, Friends and Colleagues: It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of my

Good Luck Ms. Kim

Tweet Seeing that I am on a roll here for seasoned “associate lawyers” who were once members of big firms now seeking fame and fortune on their own, meet my friend Soo J. Kim, Lawyer. Soo J. Kim is also