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Commissioner David J. Cowan, LA Superior Court, Santa Monica

Tweet Commissioner David J. Cowan, well let me say this, a week ago I had never heard of him and perhaps it is because he is relatively new (2 years)? Or, I just did not pay attention to this part

“730 Evaluation”: a joke with no laughs

Tweet Today I would love to discuss the “730 Evaluation,” aka as “hold your bloomers, there comes a wind.” A 730 evaluation is when you jump into the murky waters of what we call family law courts. The “730” is

La Playa Azul Cafe: great Mexican in Santa Barbara

Tweet Once again I visited Santa Barbara, I had to go down and see my friend Elizabeth Vogt, Esquire. Her secretary Wendy made all of our plans for the morning and was to have lunch with us. Too bad for

Poor Judgment, Commissioner

Tweet Alright, here are few details: “Here’s Daddy,” he is 23, we will call him “Guncile” and we have also have a Mommy, we will call her “Genie.” Guncile and Genie have a 8.5 month old little girl, fragile right?

Victorio’s pretty good Italian in North Hollywood

Tweet My son Jonathan and I were “home alone” and seeing that my oven is no longer in the kitchen (it went to oven heaven), we had a small issue, what to eat? Well here we go again, trying out

Beware of honeymoons “down under”

Tweet Here is the scene: the “Honeymoon,” scuba diving in and around the Great Barrier Reef, Australia…ah this is the life! Or the lack there of. David Gabriel Watson pled guilty to manslaughter in the death of his wife of

Here come da Judge Gordon?!

Tweet Could it be? Commissioner Scott Gordon is going to be a judge, that is the rumble in the jungle and we at are very excited. It is a great decision. Commissioner Gordon has been “carrying the freight” for