La Playa Azul Cafe: great Mexican in Santa Barbara

September 24, 2009

La Playa Azul menuOnce again I visited Santa Barbara, I had to go down and see my friend Elizabeth Vogt, Esquire. Her secretary Wendy made all of our plans for the morning and was to have lunch with us. Too bad for me and for Wendy she is getting ready to participate in some marathon and was eating cottage cheese! I like cottage cheese also with stewed prunes or fresh fruit as for the marathon, hmmm I have a theory, “why run when you can walk?”……let me know about the next walkathon.

Elizabeth, or Libby as she likes to be called, my son Mike and I ate at one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to: La Playa Azul Cafe. It is not expensive but it is fair for the quality of the food and the pleasant atmosphere. Service is also very attentive without being overwhelmed. It is very well lit and almost farm house-like in design, very open, very fresh and very sunny, and you have a choice inside or out. I always eat in as eating outside for me this close to the ocean has to have an ocean view. This place is inland, for now!

Libby and I began our lunch with a very interesting shrimp cocktail that came in an almost bloody mary mix liquid and was served in what looked like a big margarita glass. It was spicy and had the medium size bay shrimps, it was very tasty. My son Mike had a chicken enchilada plate with rice and beans, prepared perfectly. Libby also had a very well put together chicken taco that was just stuffed. This is the third time I have eaten here and each time I have the scallops with onions and the sliced jalapeno peppers, it is in a light white sauce and is just incredible. It too was served with beans and rice, all prepared to perfection. The entire meal with one very nice margarita was under $70.

La Playa Azul Cafe has a complete bar and the margaritas are the best, over ice or blended. You will find La Playa Azul Cafe at 914 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, 805-966-2860. It is one of the most pleasant places to eat and the food is not going to disappoint you….trust me on this one.


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