Wonderful Clients and Punta Mita, Too!

June 16, 2008

The Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita is everything the Montage could only wish for! Man what a recovery, “Da Monster” and then I find what can only be described as true paradise…and ocean breezes!

Jet Set John Two of my very favorite clients wanted me to accompany them on a trip to Mexico (security issues and a sense of security are always important). Having traveled with the wife, I knew it was going to be fun. When I arrived at the Van Nuys airport I was greeted by Captain Brandon McCabe with XOJET. Captain McCabe gave me a tour of this 20 mil$$$$ flying carpet and he was as impressive as the craft he was commanding, yup former U.S.Army officer and pilot..anyone who protects this country can fly me anywhere! And the fun started when we boarded this very new Citation X, $20,000,000 plus of flying luxury, I can only compare it to a flying Phantom! Polished woods, wonderful leather seats a sound system that made you think that Ella, Frank, and Peggy were in the back jamming together! Just as we left the ground there was Sinatra singing “come fly with me”…unless you looked out the portal you had no idea you were even moving and move we did, at almost 700 mph!

We land at the airport in Puerto Vallarta and are greeted by the Mexican Immigration and of course when you arrive in this fashion people know that “someone” is special and the service was the best…(fly into this place commercial and the feeling is a little different).

Well, off we go and I am now at the Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita…they have a 20 minute driveway from the main road! We had a five bedroom villa and it came with a cook and butlers…these people no matter what time or how late just catered to us. Nothing was impossible with Marcos and Richard, our two guys and what a class act! Their English, perfecto. All meals were the best and to have breakfast just feet away from the shore, this was easy on the eyes and the mind! And of course the pool between us and the ocean was always clean and fresh. The sound of water was throughout the villa.

Four Seasons Punta MitaThe spa! To visit this place is what heaven I am hoping will be like! The facials, the rubs and massages — these girls know their stuff and not an attitude in the place, and they all acted as if they loved seeing me and more important they loved what they did. And I liked seeing them, too…what is happening to me! John Travolta was here just a few weeks before we arrived and loves the spa…at least he and I agree on one thing! The service is soooo attentive you wonder if these people are reading your mind…before you ask they are there! If you are lucky enough to get here and meet with Richard or Marcos and let them work their magic for you, I promise a better holiday you cannot get anyplace in the world!

If you want to do something someday that is sooooo off the beaten course, you will be well advised to phone down to Akmed the manager at the Four Season Resort at 52 329 291 6000 and he and his staff will take good care of you. I think they have four staff people for every guest! And for rooms I don’t think they have a bad one on the 700 + acres, and what else is nice? You won’t find hundreds of people here, this is very nice and thank god not everyone knows about it! The prices are, um, “reasonable” also, in our case, about $16,000 dollars a day…and in saying that have I not always said, The rich are different?!

PS — Thanks to Marcos who made everything happen for me and also to Richard who was a different version of Marcos…I don’t know what I would have done without these two guys! The Four Seasons have two future managers here, I hope that they realize that!

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