Today Show Ronni Chasen update on suspect’s suicide

December 3, 2010

Harold is now “Harold, Coroner Number 2010-07944,” he has been identified and was a 40ish black male adult and ex-convict. It is unclear if Harold was still living at the Casa De Harvey apartments. It was reported that he had been evicted, yet still came around to see if the cops had come by. It seems the cops were already there and a lot of them. I have been past this place hundreds of times through the years. It struck me as just another Hollywood flea bag apartment, yes I know everyone has to live someplace. Harold had been in prison and was a bit “chirpy,” he was waiting for a pay day on something that he did and he had mentioned that he had “killed the publicist”…so say other “chirpy” people, and it was one of these people who called the police (for which America’s Most Wanted is claiming credit) and started this whole chain of events.

This “apartment” building is colorful, I watched as two or three white, adult males walked out in their best nighttime attire looking as if they had been victims of a mugger, black and blue in and around the facial area. Others came out looking as if they were down on their luck and looking for something to eat. Then a father and son team came out, cheerfully expressing, we are here, the son is a wanna-be boxer and training at some gym locally. The two are from Alaska and had a few photos of the lobby were Harold had “checked out” for another destination, leaving this world for another one. Dad of Alaska was trying to sell some nondescript photos for $1,000 (nobody in photo and he wants a grand?). Better go back to Alaska or get a job as this new photo gig is not going to happen. Dad of Alaska stated that when the LAPD was not paying attention, he and his boxer son took photos with their camera phones…he also had no idea that this place “was this rough” when he and his son came down from Alaska. Well you do now, perhaps it might be nice to go some place a little quieter…or, in that neighborhood, get a real camera, there will be better photo ops.

This looks to me to be a “red herring” in that Harold of the Penitentiary was blowing smoke, “I did this and I did that”…someone hears all of this “chirping” and drops the dime or is it 95 cents these days? Next thing you know the cops are watching this place and waiting…Harold shuffles in, one of the “chirpers” stated to reporters that Harold walked with a shuffle. So am I to believe that someone hired Harold to shuffle over to Sunset Boulevard, or rode his bicycle over, or took the bus, killed Ronni Chasen and then shuffled into the shadows? This almost sounds comical. Harold of the Penitentiary knew he was in deep poop, here are the cops, and he has a gun in his pocket, that means “felon in possession” of a firearm…..back to prison. Was this going to be a third strike? As he had also chirped to his neighbors, Harold was not going back to prison, and that he was serious about.

Harold of the Penitentiary knows this is it and is having no part of it, so he takes his gun, shoots himself in the head and moves on to a happier place. As I stood outside of this apartment building I wonder out loud, How many others are walking around and in and out of this building with guns in their pockets? Tough place, and people are afraid and some are just plain bad, and for that reasons guns in this part of town are a way of life.

All of this because Harold of the Penitentiary wanted to look like a “dude,” a “tough guy,” a Hit Man! And too bad for him, someone believed his story…we will see in time if that was the same gun that killed Ronnie…I am thinking it was not. There are people out there who think that Harold may have been a part of a team. Having been there and listened to the stories of who Harold was and having the description in my mind, I will be very surprised if this guy was part of a team that was hired to Kill Ronnie.

NOW, if that gun is the gun that killed Ronnie, I am wrong, NOW if the cops have more than Harold shuffling around, I am wrong, and not knowing what the cops know, I could also be all wrong, the only thing I am not wrong about is this was not a random killing nor was it road rage.

Several people, reporters and citizens questioned whether the Beverly Hills Police had the training and ability to handle a homicide? Some felt that the Beverly Hills Police Department was like Mayberry RFD. My response was “canned,” I know several members of this police department and they are great officers. If the Beverly Hills Police Department wants better and bigger resources, they need only pick up a phone to get that help, if they need it. As an agency, they are a great bunch of officers, and in saying that, I still believe that the Chief of Police must be wondering with each passing day if his career will survive all this…it has been reported that this is murder number 3, this year.

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