KTLA report on Ronni Chasen-and what to do if you are followed

November 25, 2010

As time moves on people begin to remember things, “Oh she told me she was worried” about this or that. Well if Ronni Chasen previously had any concerns for her safety and did not contact the police then as I said above, that could very well have been a fatal mistake. Over the years I had spoken to Ms. Chasen at least three times about subject matter that will remain private. She came across each time as no nonsense and “just the facts.” Dealing with her was a no brainer, it was her way or the highway, and at the same time she seemed to respect someone with more knowledge than she might have on the subject, me on these occasions.

As I have told hundreds of people through the years, if you think you are being followed, make three right turns, and if the car or motorcycle is still with you, you are being followed, simple. If in the course of being followed and you are lucky enough to catch the eye of a police officer, flag them down and begin pointing and screaming towards the person who is following you. Get on the cell phone and call the police department, I mean have the local number of the police and not the generic 911 on a cell phone. Cell phone 911 works fine, it is just time consuming going through the CHP and all the rest of related people, have your local police station number on speed dial. And meanwhile, drive to the nearest police station, not home!

In this case, the evidence and crime scene do not make sense. The five shots are of interest to me as that would indicate a 5 shot revolver…efficient and a revolver does not throw spent cartridges as would a semi-automatic. Ronni must have had shear terror on her mind in her last moments which makes this all the sadder, no one should have to die like that. There has been some wild speculation that Ronni may have accidentally stumbled onto a money laundering or stolen art syndicate. Whatever it is that she got dragged into, I have not a question in my mind that the Beverly Hills Police Department will have all the loose ends tied nice and tight in the end. The citizens of Beverly Hills, who have made a lot of money and paid a lot of money to live in luxury and security, will demand it.

I also mentioned that whoever did this to Ronni I do not believe broke a sweat. When I think of what happened, it must have been like shooting fish in a barrel, Ms. Chasen could not have put up much of a fight. God forbid you ever find yourself facing a shooter, but try to have the presence of mind that you are driving a deadly weapon and use it to save yourself if you can…don’t be a sitting duck.

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