‘Tis the serving season

John J. Nazarian
November 21, 2007

Happy ThanksgivingShocking as it may seem, this is a very busy time for “the smart ones” to get rid of “the annoyances!” Yes, this is the time of year that women are putting the trash out of their lives, Happy Holidays! I also know that anniversaries and birthdays are very popular times for getting “served!” What this shows is that my clients have a sense of humor! Also popular is when we know the new “flavor of the month,” and Mr. Cool gets served while in the midst of chirping sweet nothings to his new sweetie!

Cruel, insensitive, mean spirited? Phooey! I say, plain old Phooey! Getting even is a good thing. Now, I know the therapist will have some bull crap as to why “this is not the way.” Yes, it is! And that is why I don’t get along with therapists…you want warm and fuzzy? Buy a cat! Girlfriend, getting even will give you laughs for years to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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