John’s Rate-a-Lawyer: Scott, Trope, Mannis, Rale, Knowles

John J. Nazarian
November 26, 2007

Tara L. Scott, Esq. is an associate of Trope and Trope, here in Los Angeles. Tara is small in stature, with an air about her that is threatening…threatening in a way that gives others the feel that she is going to be prepared and have her ducks lined up…and I have see this first hand! At the same time she always looks great, and has panache and taste in her appearance. Sorrell Trope has a history of bringing the very best talent for his firm, and Tara Scott is further proof of this policy. I am sorry to say that I have never seen her in court; however, I will be watching!
Nazarian’s Rating: **1/2

Michael L. Trope, Esq. is a partner in the firm of Trope & Decarolis in Los Angeles. This is a firm you want to stop by and visit if you have marital issues or other needs needing a dynamic legal team, you will not be disappointed! I was once asked by an attorney, “who is this guy” and I responded, ” I would not want him chewing on my ass! ” I am glad to count him as a friend!
Nazarian’s Rating: ***

Joseph Mannis, Esq. is a partner with a very high profile law firm in Beverly Hills, Hersh, Mannis, & Bogen, LLP. Every lawyer has a talent — either a presence, the ability to present in court, or the knowledge that only experience can bring. Joseph Mannis has been in the family law arena for many years and is well respected by his peers, and a tough barrister! If you ever get a chance to speak to him, take it!
Nazarian’s Rating: ****

Ron Rale, Esq. Ron is a partner with the very prestigious firm of Carlson, De Klerk, Sherman & Rale. This law firm has a very strong presence in the San Fernando Valley and is based in Sherman Oaks, California. Ron was a partner at Trope and Trope for many years and moved recently. Ron is a very strong advocate and has the ability to be a “body guard” — when Ron is not duking it out in a court of law, you can find him training as an Ultimate Fighter….did I hear “tough cookie?!” So if you want a brilliant lawyer and one you can walk at night with, this is the guy!
Nazarian’s Rating: ****

Steven Knowles, Esq. is a partner at Trope and Trope and I will admit it, I’m a big fan! There are some lawyers that if you sit in the courtroom and listen, have what I call a “cadence”…a beat, a sound! (Many have told me that my voice is very unique and not bad to the ear!) Steven Knowles is right up there with Melvin Belli and Marvin Mithchelson when it comes to getting the ear of the court, and all of the others in a court. It has been my privilege to have known Melvin and worked for Mitchelson, so I know what I am saying here! I have sat in many courtrooms over the last several years, and have felt the pain that I know the judge must be feeling when some lawyers begin to beg and plea…this will never happen to Mr. Knowles. He knows his stuff and has the ability to present it in such away as not to offend the bench. Just take a meeting with him, he is neat and always prepared!
Nazarian’s Rating: ****

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