The View from Sherri Shepherd’s Divorce Courtroom

March 15, 2009

Sherri Shepherd & Jeff TarpleyNot often do I get to see “Titans of Divorce” going at it, but today I was fortunate to have been given a tip that Sherri Shepherd and her former husband, Jeff Tarpley would be putting the final icing on the “I am so through with you” cake. Jeff is represented by Peter A. Lauzon and his associate Sharon Stark, both of the high power divorce firm of Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra, LLP …… real heavy hitters in the L.A. divorce scene.

And sitting at the other end of the table are none other than Fred Silberberg and Terry Levich Ross. For my readers both of these firms are tough and will fight in a verbal slug fest that bring smiles to my face. Fred and Terry represent Sherri Shepherd of the tv show The View…I like the show and have watched it over the years. And in saying that I have to say I could have fallen on top of Ms. Shepherd and would not have realized who she was. I did however recognize her voice as soon as I heard it.

These two former love birds as evidence from their interviews with (winter 2002) that pretty much tells it all….Bless you! Sherri was asked, what is important about your marriage? LMAO! she stated, “One of my weaknesses is that I am a yes person.” Hmmm not so much anymore. Jeff stated when asked, What is important about your marriage? We balance each other, Sherri makes more money than I do.” And at the rate of these legal fees you better hope she continues to. I watched these two people through part of the day and I have to say that they both come across as decent people. I found both very interesting even when Ms. Shepherd choked when asked while on the stand “was she not telling the truth” in reference to “e-mails.” Alright I hope all of you have heard my opinion of e-mails and text messages…DON’T DO IT! Well Peter A. Lauzon is a force to be dealt with in court and he had Ms. Shepherd doing the “Porky Pig,” you know, long pause and then the stutter. Lauzon was relentless in his attack on Shepherd and I think that it will pay off.

Fred Silberberg is a very good lawyer and did the best he could to object and maneuver his client from taking this barrage of broadsides. Ms. Shepherd handled the shots pretty well. She remained cool, calm and very collected. Mr. Tarpley also seemed to be unfazed by most of what went on today.

At one point a women entered the court of Judge Shaller, and she looked a little like a discounted plant with no pot. For a few minutes she stood in the aisle of the courtroom as if she was waiting for a bus to take her back to the trailer park that she had escaped from…It would be revealed later that this train wreck was an “expert witness.” ?? Expert in what, how to decorate your trailer space with rock? Well Judge Shaller made it clear that she was not going to be testifying today. I had to check some messages and was seated outside the courtroom when Lee Englander, “Da Expert” came out and stared at me like I was wearing a pork chop around my neck. I got off the phone and introduced myself , Hi, I’m John. She shook my hand like a wet rag and stated, You better not say anything about ————-. I told her to get lost and she lugged on down the hall hoping that her space on the off ramp was still open (had Ms. Englander arrived in a timely manner she would have heard what Judge Shaller and the lawyers had decided). Oh I am so hoping to be around when this nitwit testifies. Stay tuned folks!

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