Pellicano Trial: And you thought “Titanic” was a tearjerker!

March 17, 2009

SS Pellicano The Movie

Kevin Kachikian turned himself into the Bureau of Prisons yesterday, he and his family are trying to get the financial issues to a level that will satisfy Judge Fischer. Till that is met he has turned himself in as he promised to. This again is a terrible thing for friends and people who love this guy to go through. Just like with the others, Arneson and Turner ,now all three are in Federal Prison, and the their lives are still being attacked with civil and more criminal charges coming from the State next.

To my fans and detractors, buy stock in Kleenex: on April 20th, 2009 some of the biggest cry babies and whiners will be appearing in Judge Dale Fischers court room. And appearing that morning at 8:30 A.M. will be George “I did nothing wrong” Kalta. He is the only person that I know of that ever got a refund from Anthony Pellicano. Anyone who knows of anyone else let us know. My gut feeling is that George might walk — he as a dynamic lawyer, Leslie Abramson, and she does not sit down and shut up when her client’s freedom might be at stake. However, I could see Judge Fischer giving George a few months, George don’t get upset just pretend you are going to a fat farm for your health. And with all of your money you can certainly buy enough “wam wam and zoom zooms” to make friends with all the other cons.

Teresa Wright, girlfriend can cry! The county should take her up to the reservoir and tell her sad stories, like “you are going to prison.” This would take care of any shortage of water. Teresa got involved with Ray Turner and he made thousands…and Ol’ T got shown the door of her former good job.

One of the funniest of all the defendants was Robert Pfeifer, this dude can cry too! LMAO, the federal prosecutors put him in custody for a few weeks and this guy was ready to sing like Pavarotti. This is the same compassionate lover that spent a few hundred grand to collect $10,000 to make sure that his girlfriend was not a hooker (funny, he met her when he called an “agency” to send a “dancer” to his home…you know, “the happy dance”… rich people, you just have to love em). For that money he could have sent her to medical school…ok ok ok, maybe massage school. Anyway he is rich, funny, rich, and goofy, ah the love of rich crazy people! Anthony you did good on this guy, how did you keep a straight face?

Anyway, I am betting someone in this group is going to be locked up on that day. When you guys walk into the courtroom look to the left, if you see a couple of big guys with ill-fitting suits…that is them! “Theyre coming to take you away Ha Ha!”

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