The McCourts’ Major League Divorce

October 2, 2010

Frank and Jamie McCourt at Dodger StadiumThere are times when rich people just amaze me, and Frank and Jamie McCourt are very, very rich and they amaze me. So rich, in fact, that had this once happy couple remained in Massachusetts, none of this would be an issue (however, some have come forward and said that at this point in time this is not true anymore…since their marriage, laws there have also changed to enhance the lives of lawyers and investigators). It has to be tough on both of them to have all of their private business out in the public forums for crazy people to be making comments about. This is a financial empire few can even grasp, including myself, and I have an accounting background…we’re talking BIG MONEY. Jamie always looks great and dresses the part very well, great hair; Frank too, he is always dressed well and appears to try and be friendly to people who catch his eye…rich does not mean they have no feelings, but money and divorce brings out the worst in people and not just for the two getting divorced.

Judge Scott Gordon was on top of what he had to deal with in making decisions. I heard a few lawyers commenting amongst themselves that Judge Gordon was “right on point.” I like the bigger digs in Dept. 4, very nice and it fits Judge Gordon well. His clerks and Bailiff also look comfortable, plenty of room. And two big doors, one to enter and one to leave, very judicial! This could go down as one of the biggest divorces in U.S. history, and we have people like Sorrell Trope representing Frank McCourt. There are several other lawyers representing Jamie McCourt. Hey, I even saw Dennis Wasser and I heard that Bert Fields was involved in this case (money money money), LMAO…no kidding, I was wondering if either of them miss Anthony Pellicano…you know, Anthony and his “great talent” or was it a “special talent,” whatever…Ahhhh the good old days! But what the hell, it would appear that these two lawyers are doing just fine, and I have to say, Wasser does have a way with words and the way he crosses, it reminds me of a rusty scalpel. I will say this though, Wasser and Fields have to be two of the luckiest lawyers in the world!

It does seem to me, having sat and listened to the witnesses and the lawyers, that there were concerns of creditors having to be dealt with in the event of a failure. And Jamie wanted to be sure that she was protected in case her “Money,” oops I meant to say “Honey” screwed things up and went broke. Well the rich never go broke like you or I could go broke, they even do that differently. My opinion is simple, Frank McCourt is one smart guy, some have thought of him as a genius.” The Los Angeles Dodgers are 650 million in debt, give or take a few million. The franchise is worth about 800 million and in a couple of more years Mr. McCourt will be a free agent, that being he will be free from FOX Sports and will be rewriting his television contracts. When it comes to making money, New York Yankees are and will always be number one…guess who number two is, Yup! Los Angeles Dodgers, and Frank McCourt had some good people on board and took the risk, and now his entire financial history is out there for people to stand with their mouths agape and in total wonderment at how he did it. How he did it could be a book and a movie that I would pay to see.

We now have former longtime Dodgers owner Peter OMalley, who is 72 years old, quacking, dam it there I go again…I meant to say “waking up”…and saying things like “the current Dodger ownership has lost all credibility throughout the city.” What? this is a DIVORCE case, and by the mere terms of the word makes it nasty, and due to the times, way too public! Also Mr. OMalley, what are you talking about? Credibility? It is a baseball team and has gotten millions of dollars of publicity, the McCourts are not criminals and are not bad people, for the reason they have made very clear, they have a great deal lot of money and in the early days were trying to protect themselves, is this not the American way? Hell it is as American as baseball I say! Mr. OMalley, you too had a great deal of money and lived and worked in a day that protected your privacy and your business, that is gone in today’s world.

Mr. OMalley went on to comment that he would like to see the team “owned by a small but diverse group of Los Angeles people who understand the culture of the organization and the importance of the Dodgers in this city.” What? Diverse group? Oh sure, that would work just fine, and once again we would have lots of litigation would we not when one of the “diverse group” did not like their seats or parking arrangements.

The best was O’Malley said the issue is not whether the team is sole or community property, but how the McCourts “have used the Dodgers.” Hello Mr. OMalley, it was Frank McCourt’s business to do with what he felt was right, he bought and paid for it, once again is it not the American way? Mr. OMalley, write your memoirs and try and get a book deal together and keep away from the press, your comments come across like you have too many fruitloops in your coconuts! Or go back to sleep…but don’t forget to wake up!

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