Burning Rubber (Not!) out of Burning Man

October 5, 2010

Burning ManFor all of you “Burning Man” fans and fanatics, all I have to say is interesting, I lasted one night and was helicoptered out. Truth, I was done before I started. Between dust, rain and then even more dust I was not going to make it, asthma and tent style existence for a week…Long story short, off to Reno I went and got cleaned up and comfortable at the Eldorado Casino and Hotel. This is one of the finest places to stay in Reno, it has the feel of a real Las Vegas Casino, the noise, the shows, the food and the bakery…OMG! And it is still privately owned by Don L. Carano and his family. One of the sons, Greg Carano, is the boss of the incredible eats you have access to. Harrahs should take a lesson…awful food and the service at Harrahs was just the worst. I cannot say enough good things about the Eldorado Hotel and Casino, it is the place to be in Reno.

I did what any parent would do, I left the two boys at the site with my good friend and confidant, an off-duty L.A. County Deputy Sheriff. Well, it would come a time when all would have to leave this flat piece of natural hell. It is costly visiting this place in the form of a ticket, not cheap. However, once in at Burning Man, it is all about bartering…you know, crap like “I will give you a paper flower for a cup of root beer,” or Ill show you mine if you show me yours. Well, as is often the case, it is never the pretty ones who have this unearthly desire to walk around naked! And bike riding, you would have to see it for yourselves. The gay guys for the most had the best-looking bodies, and there was a scattering of young females that were worth a second look. On the other shelf, there were people walking nude as Jay-Birds and not a question in my mind could turn you to salt if you looked too long.

Well, this circus comes to an end and as my son is leaving (and I need to say this first, this kid has been driving since he was 16 years old, and in over ten years never has had a ticket, never. Driven Rolls, Bentleys, Vettes, Porsche, Lambos and never a ticket. And did I forget to mention in other states and countries?) when Deputy Steven Michael DeCarli of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office decides to stop him for going 35 in a 25 in the Dust Bunny Town of Gerlach. Deputy DeCarli was not big on giving the actual offense when he did the best Deputy Dick imitation, and not till he came back with the citation did he tell my son the reason he was stopped. My son tells him that he has never had a ticket before and this Wizard of Dick decided to ticket him anyway…why would he not, young kid and this is big income and Deputy Dick is their “Agent.” After all, he was at Burning Man and we understand that these coppers are watching the license plates closely, as this is the most action they will get till next year (out of towners don’t want to come back to fight a ticket). Odd part was that he also asked my other son for his identification too, one of the cleanest cut kids you will find and Deputy DeCarli takes it a step further and decides to screw with my other kid, too! Good boy, if he did anything such as voice his opinion as to being stopped for no reason other than he could (Oh ten over) and was doing what we used to call “cherry pick” or “sandbagging,” either will work. No real police work to do as long as you can sandbag and cherry pick at “Burning Man.”

Am I just picking on this $91,181.16 dollar a year civil servant (2009 earnings, this county gives a great deal out on their deputies…some are making over 110 gs a year)? Not bad money for watching dust storms blow in and dust storms blow out. Knowing that my son had never had a ticket, and for such a ridiculous offense, Deputy Dick could have let him go with just a warning, but no, he was in full prick mode…oh for sure, I can relate, been there, done that and I guess this is just payback. In all, it was a good lesson for my kid as he needs to understand the mentality of two horse towns and those gun-toting gangsters with badges. Too bad they were not eating donuts, maybe a bribe would have been available. All I will say to this young whipper snapper is he was lucky I was not there…I would have loved taking him on in the one room Justice Court in Wadsworth,
Nevada…I promise you this, maybe next year! Watch for my helicopter…

PS: Burning Man fans, if you met some Deputy that you would like to tell me about, just drop us a note! I want to hear it all, good and bad.

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