The List

February 7, 2010

The ListHere is my list of recommended lawyers who practice family law in Southern California. I believe you will be in good hands if you are represented by any of them. And before you start, I DO NOT WORK FOR ALL OF THESE LAWYERS, yes there are some that I have, and so what? I am proud to consider some of these people my friends and have for many years. Looking back over the last 18 years I am very happy with the lawyers I work with, they are the best! There are others that I don’t care one way or the other as to being friends with, however, they do a good job. Several of these people were recommended to me by other lawyers that I trust, and I too have some knowledge of their backgrounds and know they have a well-earned reputation. Some who are not on the list are not there for one simple reason: I don’t care for them, though a case could be made that they too are good…unfortunately, “my world my rules.” And at the end of the day it is all about trust.

Please do your own homework as well, and not just before you hire someone. When you look at your statement, ask questions and if it seems too high, mention it to the attorney or the office administrator. It will keep the air clear and limit the stress as to the ride of your life, DIVORCE. Communicate, tell your lawyer how you are doing financially and if it gets too big, then shame on them. It may also be a motivator for your lawyer to go into court for fees. Yes! How about that, whoever has the most money has to pay, well that is how it is supposed to work. Rest your fingers, I do understand that sometimes it is tough to get any money, but you have to try and your lawyer should understand that also… need to save for a rainy day, and my friend it will rain!

Good Luck, and I hope that those of you going through a divorce will survive the ride of your lives with dignity and financial security. Having one of these folks on your side will help.

** indicates lawyers I’ve never worked with but recommended by those I trust

Sorrell Trope
Michael Trope
Robert M. Cohen
Lisa Helfend Meyer
Bruce Abramson **
Dana Lowy
Doreen Olson
Pat Phillips**
Stephen Gersman**
Felicia Meyer
Gary Fishbein
Judy Bogen
Bob Friedman**
Joe Mannis
Ilene E. Trabolsi
Neil Hersh
Susan Wiesner
Ros Soudry
Samantha Spector**
Debra Frank
Manly Freid**
Cary Goldstein
Dennis Wasser**
Lawrence Leone
Daniel Jaffe
Grace Jamra
Jim Klein**
Stacy D. Philips
Ron Rale
John R. Schilling** (Orange County)
Laura Wasser**
Steven Knowles
Joe Langolis**
Elizabeth E.Vogt, Esq. (Santa Barbara)
John Summers**
Peter A. Lauzon
Melanie Mandels**
Adam P. Lipsic
Anne N. Slusser
Lorri A. Howe
Rich Kotler **
Ira M. Friedman
Sam Bransky**
Ron Litz
Tamar Poladian
Elyse Margolin
Avi Levy
Patrick Decarolis

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