The Ivy: Great as Always

April 7, 2009

The IvyThe Ivy restaurant is always a great place to eat, I love a late breakfast or a nice late lunch there…one thing for sure you will never be disappointed. I was invited by one of my former clients who became a friend over the years. Elizabeth never does anything half-ass…trust me. Having lunch is fun, though nothing to compare with shopping with her former hubbys American Express card at my favorite store, Luis Vuitton…it does not get much better than AX and LV! Except maybe eating at The Ivy, nothing but the best.

The atmosphere is always casual but interesting. And the food is never a problem, I have never had a bad meal. My friend Elizabeth has been going there since she was 19…no wonder we always get a great table. This is like celebrity central and the service…that steak joint in El Segundo would be well advised to take some notes on how a wait staff should act. You would never know they were around, things show up and water and ice tea just keep coming. If you think you need a new napkin, poof, one appears.

We both had ice teas, these are so refreshing with mint leaves, and when you crush them into the ice it gives off a great fragrance and an even better taste. We ordered a shrimp salad ($14.75) that was so fresh and the dressing was done with fresh herbs and a little “hot”…it was just incredible. Our waiter brought a nice hot loaf of bread to the table, so hot that I almost threw it across Robertson Boulevard…no problem with butter melting on this bread, yum. Elizabeth ordered a nice lobster-stuffed ravioli ($29.75) and I had the stone crab ($32.75), both of these dishes were done as everything is done, first class and delicious, with first class service, it does not get much better than The Ivy.

Well as if that were not enough, and since we were celebrating, Elizabeth and I decided to have dessert…now remember what Nazarian always says, desserts at most eateries can be disastrous, not here. Elizabeth had a “crumble,” an apple and black berry crumb topping apple/berry pie with fresh vanilla ice cream ($12.75). This was big enough for three people. Not wanting to torpedo my diet, I settled for a nice piece of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream ($ 11.75) and some of the “crumble” as my diet was crumbling anyway, I felt better. This incredible eating experience came to a grand total of $150.50….and of course a $50 tip was very appropriate…as a regular who gets great service Elizabeth is very generous.

Note: I never valet as they tend to be morons…well The Ivy is no different, I decided to let them valet my Rolls Royce only to sit and hear the moron turn the key and grind the starter, as the car was running…hey dip shit, it is a Rolls Royce, they are very quiet! They did park it in the front of the restaurant, however, as it should be. Valets are the equivalent to a viral infection at most restaurants…self park = no regrets.

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