“Socially awkward geek” seeks love, revenge and redemption

John J. Nazarian
March 27, 2008

Robert PfeiferWednesday was really tedious technical stuff, so here is more entertainment from Tuesday. Just when you think that the silly level has gotten as high as it will go, here comes Robert J. Pfeifer. Mr. Pfeifer was a hotshot Hollywood Records exec and onetime lead singer of a group called the Human Switchboard…I guess it was big in some circles as this next victim of the Pelican had money to blow! Mr. Pfeifer likes to call “agencies” and have dancers sent to his home to…dance! Yes, that is the ultimate “wink wink,” they come they dance and next you know…”there she blows!” Well, somehow this musical genius calls this “broker of hookers” and speaks to a girl who ends up being a huge fan of him and his group! Bona Boy is 42 and this little tart is only 26 and attractive. One thing leads to another and the next thing they are dating. Mr. Pfeifer describes the relationship as tumultuous. Well “B-boy” gets canned from his big executive job and the next thing you know his love life is in the crapper. The word is out that Erin Finn, the hooker broker, is going to be deposed and is going to talk about his short comings to the other side in his lawsuit against his former employer!

So what does this wizard of wisdom do? The Pelican to the rescue…yes, he tells the court that he had seen Pellicano on the pages of Variety and Hollywood Reporter…he had “brilliant abilities,” he even worked for the President of the United States! And BAM, He hires him to see if the love of his life is a prostitute!!! Upon the initial meeting Pellicano had to have been well-rested when this sucker walked into this office! Pellicano tells him that he has heard that he was cool, and that he would do a Super Special job…she won’t be able to use a reel of toilet paper without me knowing!” And with that, let the games begin! I guess he forgot were he met her at. He also hired a hacker who hacked Ms. Finns computer and sent all kinds of nasty pictures and e-mails to all of Ms. Finns friends. Ho no! They are going to know that hotcakes is a hooker! BUT! She has a specialty, socially awkward geeks were here professional expertise! That’s nice of her, even “geeks” need a good F&%$! And this is what she is doing, yup! 2 day minimum and her fees, $ 9000 to $24,000!!! A little cheaper than what Pellicano charged to Fuck his clients…I see some similar behavior! It is said that Mr. Pfeifer paid Pellicano the $25,000 and then the games really began. First Pellicano took what little manhood he had and then kept charging him to make sure “his” girlfriend, “our” girlfriend, “everyones” girlfriend was still hooking it around! Mr. B-Boy would end up paying the “Prince of Sicily” almost $225,000 to see if she was a hooker!

Pfeifer even gave Pellicano “Power of Attorney,” and the next thing you know Pellicano has put one of his lawyers on the suit to get his $10,000 back from Ms. Finn…just to mess with her! And that is Al Weil, he never lost a case! Shit, where have we heard that before? Now for this little escapade, the firm of Ames, Weil and Epstein would bill B-Boy another $300,000 dollars…are you keeping up with me on this? What is it that my grandmother said about fools and their money soon parting? This is killing me, how must this guy feel when he looks at what he did?! Pellicano kept telling him that he had a better strategy…it is also known as an indictment! Get my check book!

At one point Pfeifer goes to Pellicanos office and he takes his lap top. When asked on cross, he tells the court that he had brought his computer to get cleaned.” I almost choked! Oh the Pelican cleaned his clock, wallet, bank account and I hope the computer!

Pfeifer was arrested and charged with “aiding and abetting wiretapping” and is awaiting sentencing. Judge Fischer will be the decider if he gets female dancers or girly men doing the dancing! He weeped, he whimpered, he apologized so much that a few of us were keeping score! He too has a sense of humor, he told the court that he hoped that “The Truth will set me free” and that he was hoping for “redemption” and of course was hoping for “leniency.” All good stuff!

And it would not be a Pellicano interview if the windbag did not fluff his nest with dropping names! He tells this guy Pfeifer aka B-Boy that Freddy DeMann (Madonna’s manager) does not trust his daughters husband! What the hell happened to “Omerta,” doesnt Freddy get a little Omerta? Then out of nowhere he tells Pfeifer — aka the King of the Hookers — that he cannot meet him because he has to meet with Mike Ovitz…whoah, does Mikee get a little Omerta?! Damn Tony, Omerta me, Omerta you and none for them! You’re paid vast fortunes to deal in secrets…why on earth would you casually divulge one of your most powerful clients just to make yourself sound cool to this loser?

And by now you know that Pellicano loves messing with his victims in court. Yes, he bounds to the podium to rub his puss into theirs and looks at them with a gloat! He says to Ms. Finn, “You look disturbed, tired” and tells her to think of the song, “Ain’t no sunshine when shes gone and again he is terrorizing Ms. Finn, as from the tone this has to be something significant to the both of them, (a threat?) shared just between the two of them while we all sat there. He then smirks and tells Ms. Finn have a nice trip home and then strolls to his seat…with the bounce of a 10 year old!

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