Ryan Bowman, You’ve Been Served!

John J. Nazarian
March 14, 2011

Lauren Freeman’s parents, Steve and Donna Freeman, have retained the services of a local law firm to sue Ryan Bowman. I was asked to serve court papers on Bowman after sentencing Friday morning as he left the courtroom…it is not nice to serve people in the courtroom. Quite frankly I am not sure why that is, but I have been asked several times through the years not to.

I waited outside of Judge Foxs courtroom for Ryan Bowman to leave. I was talking to one of the deputies when Bowman exited the court and turned left. This was not the way he was supposed to come out, as the elevators are to the right. I walk briskly towards Bowman, shouting, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Bowman, I have court papers for you” and when he looked at me it was sheer terror…I threw the papers at him and stated, You have been served. A couple of the deputies who were escorting him out tried to block me…I guess that they thought I was a potential threat…me! I am almost 60 years old, bad back and all kinds of medical issues…me a threat? Give me a break, Im an old softy…Ryan, the look on your face? Priceless…LMAO!

(Talk about threat, if Mr. Bowman was just common scum he would be going to the county jail and having to deal with a different kind of “girls gone wild”…that would be a threat, not me, I am old. Ryan, when you sleep in a jail, it is good to sleep “ass to the wall.” Just a little free advice, mate!)

All I can tell you is that Bowman turned to look at me as if I was going to chew on his neck, he put his hands up and cowered against one of the females walking with him. The papers fell to the ground and he stepped over them, as did his lawyer when she walked back to take the other elevators down. It makes no difference, he was served and can get ready to defend himself again, more money and more lawyers.

And my little buddy the photographer, got a great photo of Ryan Bowman leaving the court house…for all of you photogs, remember sun screen when you visit the SEAL BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT…

The Australian newspaper has had some great writeups on the sentencing and the “5-star” jail treatment:

‘Five-star’ jail beckons for Australian businessman over fatal LA hit and run

Ryan Bowman’s jail sentence filled with perks

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