Friday Was Judgment Day for Ryan Bowman

John J. Nazarian
March 13, 2011

You’ll recall at the last hearing there was a large supportive crowd, a showing of friends and relatives of Lauren Ann Freeman that made quite an impression on the court. My feeling is that the world, so to speak, was watching what was going to be done to Ryan Bowman. He hit and killed a young girl, Lauren, and drove on with little or no thought, other than what I believe was to figure out a way to cover the horrible deed he had just committed. You know, abandon the new Bentley with lights on, keys in ignition, car running and, did I hear, took the license plates off the car…nice touch, Mr. Bowman, very nice touch. And thus, you will always be known as the Scum From Down Under.”

Well, it was not till the following morning that his “male” passenger decided to turn himself into the West L.A. Sheriffs Department. My sources tell me that he was traumatized after Bowman hit and killed Lauren. After a nice shower, a light breakfast and phone calls to whoever he thought could lower the heat on his cowardly ass, Mr. Bowman decided to turn himself in. Sure, well-rested and certainly any of the festivities and beverages from the previous night at the Four Seasons Hotel on Burton Way and Doheny in Beverly Hills would be gone or almost impossible to detect — again, all of this is my sole speculation. I am not mentioning the name of the “male” passenger at this time, perhaps later.

The support shown at the last hearing in Judge Foxs courtroom made a huge impact, as a few days later we were back in court. This was a very private meeting and only I and a photog from one of the Australian papers, a nice kid, were present in and around the courthouse. This meeting was with Lauren’s parents, Steve and Donna Freeman, and the prosecutors, Steve and Donna wanted to be present at every moment to hear and see first hand what the system was going to churn out. This would be just one of many trips Steve and Donna would make to Los Angeles. Steve told me numerous times what a great bunch of people the Los Angeles County Sheriffs West Hollywood Division was. He would tell me how compassionate everyone was, this was all nice stuff, but we would still have to deal with the system. By the way, a system that is broken and at some point will collapse, and I almost forgot, a system that I have little respect for anymore. If our legal system and many of the components were a game in a casino in Las Vegas, I believe it would be shut down for “questionable gaming practices,” my thoughts.

Well here we are, it is almost 7:30 AM and I arrive at the Beverly Hills Court House, I am early as I was having problems sleeping (as I am at this moment, it is 2:34 AM on the 12th of March and again could not sleep, as what I went through today was one of the worst days of my life, an emotional meltdown). This should have been a glorious day as it is my grandsons first birthday…but in about an hour I will have tears running down my face as two parents describe for the court how their once perfect lives have been destroyed by the “scum from down under,” Ryan Bowman. Truly one of my worst days.

At close to 8:30 AM. I enter the courthouse and about 15 minutes later I see Mr. Bowman and his lawyer enter before Laurens family and friends arrived. Judge Foxs courtroom was packed, there were a few extra deputies present as is often the case in high profile cases of this sort. Judge Fox cleared his calendar of a few minor issues so as to get to the sentencing. There was a 9 minute film and soft music showing Lauren Ann Freeman, from a little girl to a young woman in the glory of her life. There was one lady in the courtroom who picked up a box of Kleenex and passed it out.

I cannot remember in recent years my being so emotionally wrecked as I sat and watched the short film, then friends came forward and addressed the court. Each and every one was as tearful and heartfelt as the previous one. Then Steve, Donna and Andrew Freeman stepped forward. I sat and watched as Steve and Donna broke down again and again as people spoke, and now it was their turn. Steve looked at Ryan Bowman and addressing the court stated, “What I can’t understand is how the defendant could leave my little girl in the street like a piece of trash. I have been with Steve and Donna for months, and hear the pain still fresh in his voice. Later on as Steve, Donna and Andrew stood and looked at Bowman, Steve again looked at him and in a tone that you would have had to be present to understand said, “Like a piece of trash on the road…my little girl.”

All of this was very difficult for me to have to deal with, but this is what I do, I work with and help families who have been devastated by the scum bags, hoodlums, grifters and people like Ryan Bowman. Andrew Freeman, Laurens brother, looked at Bowman and stated, I will never forget what you did here. In reference to Ryan Bowman killing his sister.

Steve Freeman mentioned in his address to the court that Laurens diploma came one month after she was killed by Bowman, one month and Lauren never got to see it. It was at or around this time that Judge Eldon Fox removed his glasses and wiped his eyes. The entire court room was in the grips of an emotional rollercoaster that seemed impossible to stop. Mr. Bowmans lawyer Blair Berk also looked drained. Ms. Berk is a mom, too…strapped with the task of a defense attorney. I have it from very close sources that she is a very nice person. And for you who want to complain about Ms. Berk, send it someplace else, she has a job and does it.

Ryan Bowman looked upset and even for a cowardly little punk all of this had to have had some impact on him. He did look saddened and shook his head in disagreement when Steve Freeman described for all to hear how Bowman tried to cover up the killing of Steve’s daughter Lauren.

Bowman stated that he was ashamed,” “will be forever haunted …How true that statement is. I as well as hundreds of people all over the world will be sure that your past never goes away. Bowman mentioned that his parents raised him better, hearing this I often remember what my father told me, apples don’t fall far from the tree. Quite frankly it is my opinion that your parents did a terrible job of “raising” you…you have all the qualities that a man should not have, and the worst one is cowardice.

Ryan Bowman will be doing his time in an absolutely wonderful place, located in one of the most picturesque locations in California, Seal Beach.

Seal Beach Police Department, 911 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach, California 90740…Please I want all of my readers to visit this website for Seal Beach Detention Services, this is just wonderful for all you rich SOBs who commit crimes and kill people. This site almost reminds me of camp, you know get a little physical, “bring the following items”…if you or one of your asswipe friends need to start the process call 562-799-4100 ext. 1117 and talk softly, don’t want to wake the resting shitheads! Females cannot be sentenced to the Seal Beach Detention Center…hmm, that is interesting, perhaps the gods of shit and misery knew one day Ryan Bowman would be staying here?

returning offenders to society as contributing members of the community…sure at one hundred dollars a day, VIP room and board…if you don’t think that the rich and powerful are treated differently visit my world one day…….

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