Ros Soudry and Debra S. Frank, Power Lawyers and Power Eaters

September 17, 2009

Don’t I get enough laughs on my own, now I need help? Well a few weeks ago I was at a friend’s law firm, Ros Soudry. Ros says, “hey let’s go to lunch”…when Ros wants to do lunch, hold on to your hat. So after a few minutes Ross daughter Celia says she is hungry too, my son Mike chimes in and it is to the elevators! Well, out of nowhere I hear Ros ask another friend of ours, Debra Frank, “do you want to join us?” Debra does one better, she offers to drive…we go to the front of 10100 Santa Monica and we find Debra Frank attempting to move her files and lawyer stuff to fit 5 of us in this little Mercedes Benz. Now first of all, Ms. Frank makes plenty of Do Re Mi to have a real Benz…..good news was the lease was ending in a week and Ms. Frank took my advice and bought a gorgeous black 2010 Mercedes that is meant for full size adults that like to eat! If anyone had photographed the five of us in that little miserable baby Benz, it would have been a poster on how not to buy a car, never mind one with Mercedes on it, the car was just horrible, the frown on my face alone spoke volumes of my dislike for this piece of German crap. But all is good now, the new car is easier to step into and one you don’t mind being seen stepping out of.

Well back to lunch, I am famous for buying dinners and giving away candy and good liquor, it is fun and appropriate to thank people for their kindness. So all of us go to have lunch in Century City…..Ros and Debra ate like two homeless people. And demanding? They had the wait staff jumping and the food came and came. Mike, Celia and myself just sat in disbelief at what was being ordered and there was no stopping these two…Mike tells me, why don’t we pick up the tab? Well alright I guess, and I have to say it may be better to buy these two clothes than to feed them….we had so many laughs and the food was great and the best part, great company.

Debra S. Frank, EsqDebra S. Frank, Esquire is a dynamo family law lawyer who once practiced criminal defense. She is small in stature and mighty in her abilities to kick ass and is relentless at taking care of her client’s business. Just watch her get a table at a restaurant, relentless has no comprehension of “NO. Her family law practice also reflects her aggressive nature. She is pointed and concise, and stays focused and on track. She is not afraid to bring in the best talent for her clients to make her point in court, and for us is a joy to work with (she enjoys good food and she is funny).

Debra S. Frank can be found in Century City, of course, at 2029 Century Park East, Suite 1400, Los Angeles, California, 90067. Please give her a call and tell her you saw this article, Debra can be reached at 310-277-5121, e-mail Call her anytime and she will either talk to you now, or will call you back, I do not know when she sleeps. All she does it seems is work, eat or go to the gym, this is Ms. Frank…and frankly be grateful you found her!

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