PI Busted for Busting Drunk Cheating Hubbies

John J. Nazarian
March 7, 2011

Another P.I. goes down in flames, 28 felony counts and $900,000 bail for Christopher Butler. Well, he came up with an old, tried and true method of setting up wayward males. Males that were in the throes of a divorce with former honeys who wanted them to be made to look bad in front of the court.

Enter Mr. Butler and his decoys, sure they would get Mr. Wonderful into a bar or some environment where lots of booze was being served and lots of drinking being done. The decoys it was reported were all very attractive, and encouraged the boys to be boys and to drink up. That is nice, now that they have the attention of the attractive decoys, Christopher Butler would have his buddies with badges, guns and wild light shows on the top of their cars pull the “boys” over upon leaving the club and BAM – busted for drunk driving and thus they are “dirtied up” for the court.

Well, someone did not like Mr. Butlers little side business and threw a net over the whole operation. Christopher Butler had on-duty cops working for him, and he himself had once been a member of the Antioch Police Department back in the 90s. There were also accusations of drugs being stolen and sold and assorted other stuff.

Clients asking for and getting special work done has been a specialty for those with the big cha-ching for years. Using decoys to corner these cheating scoundrels has been going on for years. However, Deputy D.A. Jun Fernandez accused Butler of being involved in a scheme in which he tipped off police officers to drunken motorist. Hmmmm, is that not being a good citizen? William Gagan and I are on the same page, his client, Christopher Butler was performing a public service and not criminal.

In 2009, Butler and up to eight of his employees posed as Antioch police officers in a fake arrest of a young man at the request of his mother, Fernandez said in court during the arraignment. With Wielsch watching and another employee filming video, Butler’s crew handcuffed the young man at gunpoint, whose mother believed he was taking drugs, and took him to his house where they conducted a search. During the search, they found 4,000 Xanax pills, which investigators later found in Butler’s safe, Fernandez said.

One thing I guess Christopher Butler could be guilty of was thinking outside the box. My good friend Mike Spencer, who knows Butler and tipped me off to this story, made the comment that, “Ninety-nine percent of private investigators don’t touch those,” ie, decoys…as for me I never knew it was illegal, did you? Another interesting comment Mike Spencer made was, “You’ll always find that element that strays out of bounds,” What is out of bounds? Other than the allegation of the theft and sale of drugs…I thought it was a brilliant idea to get these idiots to go and drink with attractive females and then as they attempted to drive home drunk they were pulled over and BUSTED!

Here is the question that I am curious about…how much did the coppers get paid to respond and get the drunk off the road…would these guys not have drank and got drunk anyway?

Well, Christopher Butler and his pals could be looking at 25 years. Butler posted his $900 grand bail……nice!

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