Bowman faces Lauren Freeman’s family and friends

John J. Nazarian
February 28, 2011

Friday the 25th of February will be a day that the Beverly Hills court house won’t forget soon. It was another hearing in Judge Eldon S. Fox court to see what “the system” was going to do with Ryan Bowman, the accused hit and run killer of Lauren Ann Freeman. More than 40 friends and relatives showed up to make a statement that the world and at least Los Angeles is watching and listening to what takes place here in the form of “justice.” Lauren Ann Freeman is no longer with us, and what the Los Angeles District Attorney and Judge Fox do is going to leave a lasting impression on those who have a desire to hit pedestrians and leave the scene of an accident.

It does not get any simpler than that. What I have always told my boys and as I was told by my father, if you hit someone or something, STOP it is an accident. When you flee the scene with a body laying in the street, not only is it shamelessly, heartlessly and criminally WRONG, you leave most people with the thought of WHY? In this case I think we all know why but it is not for us to make those decisions. However, someones daughter is dead, friends still grieve for the loss of Lauren and how she was left to die on Sunset Boulevard, those are facts.

Bowman was present with his lawyer, Blair Berk, Esq. I have to tell you she has a real presence in that courtroom. She is tall, always welled-coifed and dresses in a very
neat fashion, I don’t think you will see her ever break a sweat. She is one of the best at what she does, defends people accused of crimes, mostly however, rich people…why not! The other thing that Ms. Berk does that I find interesting is that she stands and paces while court is in session. Most often that is reserved for the bailiffs, again just my thoughts on watching her. It is possible that we at DESPERATEEXES.COM could become a fan of Ms. Berks…after all Barry Tarlow has been a friend of mine for years.

Bowman looked as if he has received some coaching, he was dressed with a white shirt and tie, dark suit. He was accompanied by a female (girlfriend?) and I believe his mother and father…I have to say he looked much more concerned than I have seen in the last two appearances. Gone was that sappy look on his face that I think may be natural. You know, without opening his pie hole there is something that I think people find annoying about him, my thoughts. Having seen Bowman on the first day, and again on the second appearance (very casual) and today, I am still wondering what the color orange would look like on him, more precisely an orange jump suit.

But we’ll all have to wait to learn his fate until the next hearing March 11, 2011. Let’s hope the strong showing of Lauren’s friends and family had an impact and reminds “the system” that there should be serious consequences for callously ending a promising young life, and causing so much pain for so many.

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