Persian Two Step caught in the act!

John J. Nazarian
January 22, 2011

Persian Two-Stepper?Had I not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Here is a very brief synopsis of the famous “Persian Two Step”: you believe that the two homes and the business you own are yours, you and your husband’s years of hard work and sweat. Well, that is not so much how it is done in the Persian “Community”…now you find that one house is your husband’s brother’s, and the Jaguar motor car? His mother’s. And the business is, yup you guessed it, “Dads.” You, my dear, have been living a fantasy and these very same people will go to court and tell the court with a clear conscience with or without an attorney that you are a liar and live in a land of cuckoos and big white rabbits. Yes this is how it is done! This is not unique to the Persian community, others do it too, but it seems from my 19 years that the Persians have mastered it. Most judges, not all, are on to this game, and more often than not do the right thing.

Well, talk about a big two stepper! Here comes Knowles Collum into court and they have their own music and their own band called “Truth.” And in Michael Collums world it is Truth that will turn this two step into a nice waltz. Collum has this all pretty much wrapped up and about to put a bow on it and give it to the soon to be Ex who is busy polishing his shoes for the “two step.” The husband is more or less thumbing his nose at Collum, mistake number one! This is one firm that does not hold back and they are moving fast, real fast. Well, Collum packs the outside of the business with private security agents with videos. This is all until he can get the court to realize that the soon to be Ex is going to move property and is laughing all the way to bank in never-never land, aka brother, sister, mother or whoever else he can get to hide the assets from his soon to be ex-wife (the word charade comes to mind).

In a little bit less than a New York minute, Michael Collum has the business and home in the hands of a receiver. Next thing you know, like a fine Swiss watch, the entire place is locked down, security, private investigators, locksmith, safe cracker and the receiver, all in less than 48 hours. Oh and before I forget, the family home is being controlled also to protect any assets from turning into family heirlooms…or shall I say the “other” family heirlooms. One of the brothers showed up and said that all the antiques were his and that he was going to call the police. This is a bluff, as everyone wants “to call the police” to aid in the lie. It was suggested that they all go together to the police, of course court orders in hand, cops were not going to get involved. And wait it gets even better, priceless items that the wife said were in the safe! The good husband denied ON VIDEO and when the safe was cracked by the safe guy, guess what, it was all there! Good Job Mr. Collum.

This firm and its two partners, Steven Knowles and Michael Collum are serious in getting things handled and this was nothing short of incredible to watch. So if you are tired of the music and swear you cannot handle one more “two step,” check these guys out. And if you’re feeling like changing the tune, nothing wrong with doing the “Bump”
or the “Mash Potato” and Knowles Collum have a whole bunch of moves they love to use.

Now it is not cheap to do this and if what you have to lose is a $1.98, don’t waste their time and your money. But, if you have hundreds of thousands and or millions to lose and are watching it all dance down the hall of the courthouse? Call Knowles Collum, have your checkbook ready and smile as you write these guys a check. Contact them direct at their offices in Beverly Hills, California 310-461-0600

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