Pellicano Trial: The Million Dollar Lady

John J. Nazarian
March 21, 2008

Big Stack of BenjaminsTapping a phone is illegal?? During her testimony, Ms. Susan Macguire told the court that yes, she heard her husband talking to her shrink and “crying” and “in distress.” This was upsetting to her then, and it looked as if it was still as she spoke about the events leading her to be sitting in the “box!” And we heard that word again, IMMUNITY! Like so many before her, she listened to tapped phone calls at the “SBC branch office” in the back of Pellicano Investigations on Sunset! LMAO…”Call Ray!” Her husband, with whom she was in this nasty divorce, was the guy who built much of the skyline of the City of Los Angeles! Gas Co. building, the MGM building, Pershing Sq. and many other huge projects…this was a huge DIVORCE case! She told the court that in their joint checking account was $60,000,000.00 dollars, and it was going away (jewels and house for his new latina sex machine!).

Ms. Macguire spoke of her attorneys at Greenberg, Glusker, Fields and how it was their duty to handle her real estate and estate planning, and it was this firm that presented her with Anthony Pellicano, their P.I. And it was this firm that wrote Tony P. the big 25 grand checks in the early stages of this “huge payday” for the Pelican, and then Ms. Macguire would send them a check, the cancelled checks were all there on the screen for the world to see. She spoke about a conference call with Harvey Friedman and Anthony Pellicano and herself discussing legal matters. She also told the court that at one time she and Tony had tapped a phone and heard some great stuff about money going to Columbia, and when she went to tell Harvey, “Harvey got very angry with me and was yelling…they did not want to hear it”! She told the court that she recalled Stephen Claman was also present. Everyone knows that a lawyer cannot be involved in wire tapping or anything to do with it, so Harvey yelling was a good thing! Good to yell when a client and her screwball P.I. want to tell you about what she and he heard! Hell, I would have yelled! All this was during July 1997. The responses of these two lawyers were the correct response and it has never been proven that they knew what Pellicano was up to as to his Ma Bell games. She spoke of listening to her husband’s “hot tamale” from Columbia, “Rosa.” And they were living in Pasadena in a house that her soon to be ex-hubby’s best friend had bought for him in cash! Oh, rich people, are they not amazing?! Pasadena was also the location of an apartment that Pellicano rented, remember — to tap a phone he had to have a place in that area code…and he did!

Ms. Macguire was paying Pellicano hundreds of thousands of dollars — from around 1996 to 1998 she gave him $1,000,000.00 dollars. Lots of $25,000.00, loads of $9,500.00 cash payments to avoid the IRS issues, and at one time he told her that he needed to borrow $200,000.00 (for a tax problem,) and at the bottom of the check she was asked to write “non-refundable retainer!” Ms. Macguire told the court that she was never repaid for her “loan” and gave even more during the relationship! Why can I not find a relationship like this? She paid hundreds of thousands for $75,000 in services! NOW HEAR THIS SHE PAID $ 1,000,000.00 DOLLARS TO ALMOST GET INDICTED! But not today, she had IMMUNITY! Again, I have to say that everytime Anthony Pellicano hears this word he must feel his sphincter tighten!

Towards the end of her testimony she said that part of her “silence” was out of fear of Anthnoy Pellicano! When Pellicano got to do the “loony Pelican,” he asked her, “Was Mr. Pellicano loyal to you?”, her response, “Yes”. And Pellicano looking at her said, “I am still loyal to you now.”

Omerta…is it not sweet?

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