Pellicano Trial: Da Sarge Even Does His Own! Money Money!

John J. Nazarian
March 21, 2008

Christopher RocancourtCaptain George Mueller with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office was next up, and this guy was right out of central casting! He is with my old friend’s unit ( Chief Steve Simonian), Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Captain Mueller spoke of an investigation of fraudulent passports involving Christopher Rocancourt — this was the little cockroach that was pretending to be a Rockefeller with the thick French accent, and those nitwits in the Hamptons giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars! For him to invest for them! Oh, he did…nice hotels and leemos! Oh those rich folks, do they not get what they deserve?! LOL!

I think many will remember this loser…well, the Captain was hot on his trail and at some point the “Roach” hires Pellicano to help, and then as we have all seen hundreds of times already, his victims end up being run by the Sarge on the Los Angeles Police Department computers! And even this high-ranking Captain was “run” by Arneson and it was all there for us to see. Another cop giving up another cop for a scumbag like Rocancourt! Whatever honor Sarge ever had, he wiped his ass with it and sold that too to Pellicano. Part of the problem here was the COURT ordered the D.A.’s office to give their recorded tapes of Rocancourt’s crimes to Pellicano to analyze the tapes for the defense, who he was working for! Thus giving the Pelican access to many of the names involved, and then the call went out, “dial ‘1111’ get me my ‘bitch,'”…You know, the one who is pretending to be a respected member of a great police department…As Captain Mueller spoke, The Pellicano Gang looked as if someone had taken a crap in their oatmeal!

Once again, someone with a little money (most likely not his and most likely from the nitwits in the Hamptons!) was able to get confidential police information on victims of a crime. Sarge, are you there? It was also reported by the L.A.P.D. Organize Crime Task Force that someone had put a contract out on Captian Mueller…..BIG MISTAKE, this guy is not to be messed with! Trust me, one look would tell you leave him the hell alone! There was an informant and a picture was being circulated and it looked like it could have been one of those DMV photos that Arneson would sell to Pellicano! Money Money Money!

Captain Mueller would capture this miserable, rotten roach Rocancourt, and he was brought to justice, and all we have to do is wait for him to show up here! IMMUNITY ???? Thank God for cops like Captain Mueller and the many brave members of the F.B.I. Yes I know, I have always said that I liked some of the guys better when I had a badge too, but they are all people to be respected…just not Arneson!

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