“Mr. Blackwell” goes a courtin’

John J. Nazarian
June 4, 2008

Dapper JohnWell today was one of my first days back at the old Stanley Mosk courthouse. And what a day it was! I made my usual rounds and stumbled up to Judge Thomas Trent Lewiss Department 79.

The place was jumping, I mean people everywhere and in the mix were some heavy legal guns…there was Stacy Phillips of Phillips, Lerner, Lauzon & Jamra…and next up was Mark Vincent Kaplan of Kaplan & what’s his name, and one of my favorites. Lawrence Leone of Trope and Trope! Lawrence had one of his assistants with him and I am sure that Mark had one too, and Ms. Phillips was there looking very cool, great suit and even more amazing shoes! Mr. Kaplan as always looking very dapper, and Leone looking ready to blast anyone who dares to cross his path!

Judge Lewis gave them some special “cuttseys” so that they would be one of the first ones up, and then dropped his decision on their heads. It was all up for Ms. Phillips as she was being appointed minor’s counsel and this was a very High Dollar case…think of it, what these guys were billing for today would have run a soup kitchen for about 18 months! This had some child issues and the court was cleared; Kaplan stood for almost two hours making his point, Leone was up and down, and Ms. Phillips took notes and was ready at the draw and this morning she was on her game! Hey, and guess what — she has a great handshake! Say what you will this lady has a presence and knows it.

I am just hitting my stride here folks so bear with me! Some of the female lawyers were looking like their male counterparts — many of the male lawyers show up with shoes unshined, wrinkled suits, menus on their ties. However today…yes it was early and yes the lighting is the worst! But come on. Lori A. Howe, Lawyer, a partner at Trope and Trope, was sitting in front of me and the back of her hair looked as if a small herd of wildebeest had been chewing on it all night long! At times it looked like a cheap umbrella. There was another lawyer walking around the halls and her hem on her pant suit had torn and she was now dusting the halls of the court with her pant leg! And what is it with the brown hand bags and black shoes ladies?? Come on, you would be well-advised to pay attention to Lisa Helfend Meyer, one of the best dress lawyers in the country! And talking well-dressed, you have to give it to Ms. Allred when it comes to looking the part — these two don’t skip a beat! And these women take a great deal of care being sure they are coiffed…I think that Lisa Helfend Meyer may have someone doing a blow out in the back of her Town Car! And for Ms. “who chewed my hair,” can we suggest Jose Eber, one of my best friends — tell him I sent you! Also keep in mind he is a wonderful hair stylist…hmmm not so sure as to his magician skills, but my little darling it is all up from where you are at this point! One good thing is that it is hair and should grow out, perhaps a little getaway to Pacoima for a few weeks would give things a “fresh start.”

It has been brought to attention by a “legal Fashion Diva” that one must be very careful with one’s diet and fashion combos, as St. John’s Knits tend to show any and all bad diet flaws! You know — binging, or starving! Hey it is not easy being pretty! A Desperate bulletin: You know they show every bump, bulge and in some cases wrinkles…and I am not talking fabric here girlfriends!!

And why is it that when I show up, everyone is trying to figure out who I am present for and what I am up to?! The people in this group are all clients and I have to say they, too, know the game…whoever gets to me first, that is who I work for and never ever is there a question of loyalty. I work for many different firms and these are a few of the best there is!

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