Mark Lester, MJ baby daddy wannabe…please sir, no more!

August 25, 2009

Well Well Well, perhaps Team Goofy got close to the success they were looking for. Mark Kaplan (of Kaplan and whats-his-name) and Arnie Klein wanted publicity and to see their pictures everywhere. Funny the latter never happened, BUT TMZ gave them both a little face time, there was Mr. Kaplan standing out front of BOA waiting for his car…was he by himself?

It is also being reported that Team Goofy have an even more pathetic plan for the court next month. Well just like a disobedient dog who continues to dig holes in a nice lawn, these two are going to keep it up until they get the attention they feel they deserve. One source I spoke to said that they bet that Mr. Kaplan was doing this for no fee all in the hopes of getting “face time.”

Well if “The Two Ks” are planning another appearance next month they should both come dressed as clowns, as that is what they are looking like. To complete the clown act they should both visit Cinema Secrets and speak to my very good friend Maurice Stein, the makeup artist that made the hit show Golden Girls so much fun to watch! Think of what he could do to Klein…Kaplan is almost always looking good as to his appearance, he had a very good teacher in the early days…let’s just say “ST.”

Michael Jackson and Mark Lester, then and nowAnd is it possible that another “friend” of Michael Jackson is letting all the secrets out of his bag too? This one has been a friend of MJs for more than 30 years, from the days he was a very adorable and even cuter child actor named Mark Lester…remember Oliver? Mr. Lester is now in his 50s and is a physician, Lester quit the acting business at 19, his acting career went away as did his youthful looks. He looks like a doctor and bravo for him in knowing when to quit and move on, but why would he want to drag his friend who it is obvious to me from what I have read trusted each other. Lester became an osteopathic physician at the age of 28 and has an acupuncture clinic in Cheltenham…aaahh maybe I figured this out, is this another attempt of publicity?

Dr. Lester is claiming just like Dr. Klein that he too spent some time “choking his chicken” and giving his sperm to MJ for a future kid…hmmm, another doctor, giving MJ sperm for his personal use in developing a family. Well, now guess what his claim is, The children have a good upbringing,” is this just a sick attempt to insert yourself into the lives of kids who will be so rich that they will need accountants to count it all and to keep track of their money?

Mark Lester and daughterPlease, Doc, raise your own kids. Dr. Lester has a very gorgeous daughter, Harriet, there is a photo of her on MailOnline, you have done good. You will look like such a loser if you continue on the path you are traveling. And if you do continue you too will be looked upon like “The Two Ks”…just silly.

Dr. Lester takes a more in your face approach on this “they are mine” approach, he is claiming in an August 2009 interview with a British tabloid that he is the father of Paris Katherine Jackson…bad news for you doc, The Judge here in Los Angeles will tell you the same thing in legal terms, “get lost.” And again do you really think that Michael Jackson would want you to be spilling the beans if what you say is true? I would believe that he would not and I would think that you too would understand that also, if you were real friends. For several old actors and wanna be actors to sit around and masturbate into a cup just seems a little odd, even in this very odd case, and when I close my eyes and try to imagine the scene, I begin to gag as if I had a fur ball in my throat….where is Arnie?

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